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How universities spy on student (and staff) email


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You should always keep in mind when at work, school or anywhere else using equipment that isn't yours, that equipment is to be used only within the owners rules.

I work as a computer tech at a local high school and I can't tell you how many times I get work orders because of full mail boxes. There's a limit of space provided for each user and when that limit is reached, you can't send / save emails.

When I look at their email account to check for large documents, I find family pictures, jokes, etc,.

You can be fired for this. Everyone has to sign a "User Agreement" before they are allowed computer access. Email is to be used ONLY for work related mail. Yes, email administrators can read your mail that is on their computer that you are using as well as email that is on the email server.

I believe schools are required by law to save / store emails for a number of years just like your private email accounts like Hotmail. Don't think just because you delete it on your end it's gone.

I have seen employees fired for using a copy machine to copy things such as garage sale flyers.

I have also seen a manager walked out the front door by security because he was looking at a porn site while a female employee walked by and saw it on his monitor. A teacher fired for hooking up a students camera to his desktop that had mardi gras pictures (bare female breast) that a female student happen to see.

Reality is "use your head". It's not "your" private email or equipment.

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