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Random lockups, pc fails to boot after


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My computer's been locking up intermittently since last month and after locking up, it doesn't even boot when I turn on the power. Instead, it just gives me a blank screen. Usually this continues for about anywhere from 1-30 minutes before it magically starts up (the fans start running at full speed as per normal)

I have no idea what's the trigger, just that it happens really randomly. Sometimes the computer locks up just barely 10 minutes into startup, sometimes it can run for 3+ hours before doing so. Not sure if it's a hardware problem either, though I don't think it's due to overheating since the computer rarely freezes when I'm playing graphics-intensive games but when I'm doing mundane things like watching youtube or chatting on msn.

After doing some research online it looks like I may have problems with the BIOS or with my memory, but I have almost zero experience with repairing computers and I don't think I'm going to try messing around with those until I know what's really causing the problem. Can anyone help?

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i doubt it is bad caps them .

if the unit is under warranty ... get in touch with tech support/consumer affairs for the manufacturer .

to do otherwise (at this point) may void any and all warranties .

if there proves to be no malfunction of the machine itself and an infection is suspected ...

come back and go here :


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