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The update to 1.50

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I was surprised today when I clicked on MBAM 1.50 beta and was told that MBAM was about to install a new version. I started to let it proceed, but then I bailed out, since I wasn't sure whether I needed to uninstall the beta first. I thought I had read somewhere a while back that I did have to uninstall the beta. I then uninstalled the beta, downloaded and installed the non-beta version of 1.50, and all was well. I gather now from reading some of the messages here that the uninstall was not necessary, but I would have appreciated some guidance ahead of time about this.

I was also a little surprised that I did not receive any notification via MBAM's newsletter. Admittedly, I just about never get any issues of the newsletter. Does it still exist? I would have thought that it would have been the ideal vehicle for announcing the availability of 1.50 AND a statement about whether uninstalliing an earlier version was necessary.

Anyway, I'm delighted that 1.50 is out of beta and seems to be working just fine (knock on wood :lol: ).

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  • Root Admin

Thanks for letting us know your experience!

1. Moving forward, our goal is to make every version be able to upgrade to a new one, beta or not. It should be safe to assume that the upgrades from now on will go as planned.

2. The newsletter is still in its primitive stages. We are making a big push to get more users there and away from the News and Announcements forum.

We will send a newsletter out later today or tomorrow ;).

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