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  1. Great. Thanks VERY much, exile360, for your help and your patience!
  2. Well, I think things are OK, but there was a complication after the MB Scan. It turns out the MB Window was blocking a small notice that said: "Unhandled Error: invalid pointer operation." I asked DuckDuckGo for more info about Unhandled Error messages. Among the first was one that talked about how to deal with it on Windows 10. I was supposed to search for cmd, ask to have Administrative Control, then at the C:\WINDOWS\system32> prompt, type sfc\scannow. I did that, but soon there was a message that said "There is a system repair pending that requires reboot to complete. Restart Windows and run sfc again." So I restarted Windows. When that was completed, I decided that before I ran sfc again, I'd run another MB scan and see whether the Unhandled Error message appeard again. I ran the MB scan, which this time took 25m 46s. I then looked to see whether there was the Unhandled Error message. There wasn't! My guess is that whatever Windows did fixed the problem, so I saw no reason to run sfc again. If I'm mistaken, or if there's someplace I should look to see what Windows actually did when I rebooted, please let me know. My guess is that there was a Thunderbird or a Firefox update that I had approved a day ago but that perhaps didn't get installed. But that's just a wild guess.
  3. Thanks very much, exile360, for your continued help. I did a full image backup with Macrium yesterday. It took about the same amount of time as usual. This morning, I did my daily MB scan. I first checked to see whether there were any new updates and was told I was up-to-date. I then ran the scan, and it took 27 minutes, 27 seconds--well within what I usually experience. As usual, it found no malware. So I'm thinking that perhaps I don't need to uninstall MB and do a fresh install. If the problem recurs, I'll certainly try that, but for now, all seems back to normal (knock on wood, salt over my shoulder 🙂 ).
  4. Thanks very much, exile360, for your helpful reply. I am using a paid version of Macrium Reflect, and though I'm not sure, I think that it does support file level restoration. I might add that I save the images in an external hard drive that I connect to the computer only when I make the image. It may take me a while to decide how I want to proceed, but you've been extremely helpful. When I get everything sorted out, I'll let you know how/whether it worked. I might add that I'm a little surprised that the problem that made me write to the forum surfaced only today, given the dates of the problems noted in the report. As recently as yesterday's scan, there was no obvious sign of trouble. Again, many thanks!
  5. I have one more question about what you reported, exile360. Apparently the Windows Defender scan has several times been interrupted. On the other hand, Windows10 keeps showing me that there are no security problems. It does report from time to time that it has started Windows Defender Antivirus because my version of Microsoft Security Essentials is incompatible with my version of Windows. I have not been able to find any remnants of Microsoft Security Essentials on my computer (which did use that before I upgraded the computer to Windows 10. Every time I start my computer, WinPatrol tells me that a program that used to be in the startup menu is no longer there: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Defender\MSASCUIL.EXE. I can't find that program anywhere on my computer, but I also can't manage to stop WinPatrol from posting these daily messages. I have no idea whether any of this is relevant to what you reported about Windows Defender Antivirus being stopped several times, but I thought I'd mention it in case it is.
  6. Thanks VERY much, exile360, for your prompt and helpful response. I have a question about what/how to back up. Once a month, I make an image using Macrium Reflect. However, that backs up more than data. Indeed, I don't know whether it backs up all my data. I've never had to resort to using an image backup. I'm also concerned that if there are problems, they might be saved when I back up whatever I'm backing up, and then reinstalled. When you say "back up your data," what specifically are you referring to? And what would be the best and simplest way to do that? I'm embarrassed to be asking such elementary questions, but....
  7. I run a Malwarebytes scan every day. Normally, the scan takes about 25 minutes. Today, the scan took almost an hour and 9 minutes. It found no malware, but I was troubled by the great discrepancy between the scan's usual amount of time and today's time. After the scan had finished, I checked to see whether there was an update of any sort. I was told MB was up-to-date. I downloaded and ran the MB Support Tool and have attached the results with this message. I'm hoping you can tell me whether there's a problem. Thanks in advance. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Thanks very much, miekiemoes, for your prompt and reassuring response.
  9. I ran a scan this evening to see whether Malwarebytes still thinks 2 items it flagged a couple of days ago are malware (I had restored them before running the scan). Neither of the two items from a few days ago were cited in the current scan, but Malwarebytes found a new file to target, THXAudio.exe. This has apparently been on my computer for years and has not been flagged before. In addition to the file, MB also cited as Malware the following registry value: HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN|THX AUDIO CONTROL PANEL I've attached the MB report and the file it claims is malware. I'll check back in the morning to see what if anything has been determined. anotherfp.txt THXAudio.zip
  10. Porthos, I can't thank you enough for the terrific help you've provided. I ran the scan, and it reported that all is well. So I won't uninstall and reinstall MB. However, I will definitely turn off the fast start. I thought that by choosing "shut down" when I turned off the computer at night, I was turning everything off. Since that's not the case, I'll zap the fast start. And though I don't see any sign of Microsoft Security Essentials, I'll use the info you provided to do a clean up. Again, MANY THANKS!! 👍
  11. Thanks very much, Porthos! I restarted the computer and found to my surprise that when it started, it told me it was in the midst of an update and I shouldn't turn off my computer. At first I thought perhaps that was a MB update, but I now think it was a Windows update that took quite a while, since the first "Don't turn off your computer" was followed by several more, as it was "Getting Windows Ready," then Working on Features," and then "Cleaning Up." When it was all finished, Malwarebytes was on my screen, open and ready for a scan. It's quite possible that somehow the Windows update was screwing up Malwarebytes. I don't know. I updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7 just a few weeks ago, so I don't have any prior experience with these updates. I had arranged to have the update installed in a few days, not today. But apparently, Windows 10 has a mind of its own. I'm tempted to run an MB scan now, and if all looks OK, assume that all is well and that there's no need to uninstall and reinstall MB. Does that seem reasonable? Also, I've been enjoying the faster startup I've had since upgrading to Windows 10. I didn't realize that it might be from some "fast start" option. Is there a good reason to turn it off if all is well? I think MB is set to wait a bit before starting, and I think that's true even with the "fast start."
  12. Thanks VERY much, Porthos, for your prompt and helpful reply. I've attached the file from the support tool. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. On Tuesday (April 13), I noticed that Malwarebytes (MB) was no longer on the task bar at the bottom of the screen. It was among the "hidden" programs above the Task Bar, but when I clicked on it, it wouldn't start. I tried multiple times. Then tried the desktop icon. Nothing. I then rebooted. That didn't help. I think either Tuesday or Wednesday, upon starting the computer, an MB message appeared saying "Unable to connect the Service" (see attached screenshot). The same thing happened when I started the computer this morning (Thursday). Since I can't start MB, I can't provide more information. I might note that some of what I'm experiencing seems similar to what naraken90 has reported in a message headed "Malwarebytes has stopped working." It's interesting that the problem described there also started on Tuesday. I'm wondering whether this is just a coincidence, or whether some change in MB may be responsible. I'm hoping someone can help.
  14. Thanks very much, Cli. When you say you scanned the file, do you mean the Downloads.zip file that included the three files Malwarebytes had identified as malware?
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