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  1. I have a similar complaint about this popup. Of course, I eventually want to upgrade to the new version, but I've learned from experience that it's often wise to wait a while. I find it exceedingly annoying to have this popup constantly appearing. Why not have it appear just once a day? More than that borders on harassment. I have great respect for Malwarebytes; this is not behavior I would expect from a company I use and respect.
  2. Thanks VERY much, LiquidTension, for your helpful follow-up message. Since the Changed Block Tracking feature didn't come back when I rebooted, I think for now I'll just leave it unchecked and see whether it stays off. If it comes back, I'll take your advice and uninstall it.
  3. Thanks very much, LiquidTension, for your helpful response. I'm embarrassed to admit that the message I sent this morning had a major error in it. For some reason, I wrote "Rootkit Protection" when I meant "Ransomware Protection"! 🙄 It's only when I came back to the Forum to read your response that I recognized my stupid mistake. However, I read what you had to say about the freeze issue and found that I did have the Changed Block Tracking feature enabled in Macrium. Since I do Full rather than Incremental backups, I decided to simply uncheck that feature and see what difference that made. After unchecking it, I rebooted, and I found that not only did the computer not freeze, the Ransomware Protection feature was now on rather than off. Since I don't do Incremental backups, the computer is no longer frozen, and Ransomware Protection is again working, do I need to download and install the updated version of Macrium's mrcbt.sys driver file?
  4. This morning, I started my Windows 7 Prof. desktop computer running the most recent version of Malwarebytes. Everything seemed fine, but Malwarebytes didn't start and ask me to scan. When I tried to see whether it was perhaps hidden in the system tray box for excess programs, I could get no response from my computer.Indeed, the computer was frozen. I couldn't even use the Start button to restart. I forced a shutdown and tried again. Same story. I tried a third time, and this time Malwarebytes did appear on my screen and ask for a scan, but it also indicated that Rootkit Protection was turned off. I was unable to start that protection. I nonetheless ran a scan, and I was told that no problems were detected. But since Rootkit Protection was still turned off, I decided to follow Malwarebytes procedure to report a problem. I've run the support tool and have attached mbst-grab-results.zip. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I too use Pale Moon as my primary browser. I'd be tempted to try the Malwarebytes browser extension if it were available for Pale Moon.
  6. Exile360, Pale Moon at the start was based on Firefox, but the two browsers are now quite different. And some time ago, Firefox changed its add-ons so that none of the earlier add-on versions worked. Those changes and others have resulted in many former Firefox users moving to Pale Moon, where most of their older Firefox add-ons still work (along with many new ones developed specifically for Pale Moon). I'm not sure whether the new Firefox add-ons will work even on other Mozilla-based browsers. All I know is that add-ons that will work on recent versions of Firefox will not work on Pale Moon.
  7. Thanks very much, rakeshsejwal and exile360, for your prompt and helpful replies. Although I didn't word my original message as clearly as I should have, you answered what I really wanted to know, which was what if anything the browser add-on provided that Malwarebytes 3 does not. If Malwarebytes offers an add-on for the Pale Moon browser, I might be tempted to give it a try. Since at the moment it seems available only for Firefox and Chrome, I'll pass.
  8. I have the Premium edition of Malwarebytes 3 on my computer. Today I saw a description of a Malwarebytes add-on for Firefox and Chrome. It looked very much as if this add-on merely duplicates what Malwarebytes 3 already does. Am I mistaken? Is there any need for such an add-on if I already have Malwarebytes 3? I might note that even if it doesn't duplicate Malwarebytes 3, I won't be able to use it because there's not an add-on for Pale Moon, which is my primary browser.
  9. Many thanks, Exile, for your informative response. I'm glad you feel it's OK for me not to pursue this further right now. I've run yet another Malwarebytes scan, and it too says everything seems to be behaving as it should. If the situation should change, I'll definitely be back. Again, thanks very much for your help.
  10. Thanks, Exile, for your quick reply. I was surprised that the problem could be a corrupt install, since it has been quite a while since I installed the current version and I haven't had problems until very recently. I decided that before I did a complete clean and reinstall, I'd try one more thing. I simply shut the computer down and then started it up again. All went normally, including Malwarebytes coming up in the system tray with no warning signs (and all the protections checked). And the interface was the normal one, showing me that web protection was on (and so was self-protection, which I had turned off in trying to see whether that affected web protection. It didn't, but I left it off anyway.) I'm a bit superstitious about saying that all is well, but all really does seem to be well. The "unable to contact license server message" hasn't reappeared, web protection is on, Malwarebytes started at startup as it usually does, etc. I have no idea why these problems occurred, nor why they went away, but I'm thinking that perhaps the most sensible thing to do right now is to assume that all is well, since all seems well. I will run yet another scan with Malwarebytes, but if comes up clean and no other problems occur or return, I think I won't run the support tool to do a clean and re-install. Am I being foolish?
  11. Thanks, Exile, for your response. I closed Malwarebytes from the system tray icon and then tried to restart from the desktop icon. To my astonishment, I couldn't. I received a message "Unable to connect the service." I then tried from the Start menu, but I got the same response.
  12. Well, Malwarebytes is now reporting that Web Protection is turned on! However, the little MBAM icon in the system tray has a warning triangle, and when I hover over it it claims simply "protection disabled." At first I thought that it was referring to Self-Protection, which I turned off in an attempt to get Web Protection to turn on. But when I right-click on the little icon, it tells me that Web Protection is turned off! So which should I believe, the app interface or the little system-tray icon?
  13. Thanks VERY much, vbarytskyy, for your helpful response. This morning, I turned on my computer and found that Malwarebytes web protection was turned off and would not turn back on. I have no idea whether one of the files I installed from Windows Updates yesterday caused this problem or whether the cause lies elsewhere, but I am very glad that, following your instructions, I've now gotten the Support Tool to work. I've attached the file it made. I should also note that in trying to deal with the turning off of web protection, I turned off self-protection; I had some vague memory of that proving useful in the past. However, it made no difference. Web protection is still turned off. I don't know whether I should turn self-protection back on. Anyway, at the moment I have not had a recuurence of the annoying "unable to contact license server" message, but I very much need help with the fact that Malwarebytes web protection is turned off. mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. After I got back tonight, I checked with Windows Updates, which indicated that there were four updates related to Net 4 that I should install. I did so, but Malwarebytes Support Tool still claimed "Net 4.0 Updates are required, but not detected on this machine. Please check for the latest .NET updates using Windows Update and then try again." I then rebooted, hoping that might make a difference. It didn't. I keep getting the same message. I seem to be at an impasse. Windows Updates is not saying there are more updates that I should install, but the Malwarebytes Support Tool won't work with the updates I've installed and it doesn't tell me which specific updates it's looking for but not finding. I'm not sure what to do. My computer is working, there are no obvious signs of malware, and two Malwarebytes scans (this morning and tonight) were both clean, as were all previous scans. As far as I can tell, the only problem is a perplexing Malwarebytes notification claiming that it's unable to contact my license server and that I should check my network connection, but when I check, there's nothing wrong with my network connection. Today the notification was an annoying problem because it paralyzed Malwarebytes and it wouldn't disappear from my screen. The other few times it appeared I could just click on it and turn it off. That notification is not currently on my screen. Perhaps the most sensible thing under the circumstances is for me to forget about this issue and hope that the puzzling notification doesn't reappear and that I never have to use the Malwarebytes Support Tool.
  15. I tried to run the support tool, but it tells me it needs Net .4 updates and it can't find them on my computer. I'm about to leave, so I won't be able to investigate further. I'll get back to this tomorrow.
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