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  1. Thanks, exile, for your helpful response. I think I'll probably get rid of the PUP.
  2. Thanks, exile, for your prompt response. It's not an extension or plug-in that I'm aware of adding. I looked at the list of extensions and plug-ins, and it wasn't there.
  3. About 2 weeks ago, Malwarebytes Premium flagged PUP.Optional.SaveRecipes. I have PUPs set to warn, not quarantine, but I decided to quarantine this one for a while, since I knew nothing about it. It's true that I do look for recipes on the Internet, but this was the first time this PUP was flagged. It was apparently in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\yr7xoxf3.default\extensions\. My question is, how am I supposed to determine if it's a potentially useful program that may help me save recipes (which sometimes have unfriendly formatting), or whether it coul
  4. Thanks very much, cli! I've attached the report as MWB_FP.txt and have zipped the two suspect files in the file tempstore.zip. MWB_FP.txt tempstore.zip
  5. Thanks very much, cli, for your prompt response. I followed the instructions and have the report now in a txt file. Are you saying that I should attach the .txt file here, in this forum? And how can I include the samples being detected? I know how to attach a file, but do you really want me to attach to a message on this forum two .exe files that could possibly be malware? I'm sorry to seem so dense, but I fortunately almost never have these kinds of problems and hence do not have much experience dealing with such matters. Thanks in advance for your understanding and continued help.
  6. I run a MWB scan every morning, and everything has always been fine using version 4 until today. Today it claimed to find two malware files that it classified as Malware.Generic 3739550040. The files were old setup files for a program I have used for many years, Launch Bar Commander. I don't need those files any longer, since I have a newer version of the program installed, and MWB didn't flag that setup file as malware. So I could just delete the two supposedly suspicious files and be done with it. But I have had those two files on my computer for a long time, and they've never been flagged a
  7. I have a similar complaint about this popup. Of course, I eventually want to upgrade to the new version, but I've learned from experience that it's often wise to wait a while. I find it exceedingly annoying to have this popup constantly appearing. Why not have it appear just once a day? More than that borders on harassment. I have great respect for Malwarebytes; this is not behavior I would expect from a company I use and respect.
  8. Thanks VERY much, LiquidTension, for your helpful follow-up message. Since the Changed Block Tracking feature didn't come back when I rebooted, I think for now I'll just leave it unchecked and see whether it stays off. If it comes back, I'll take your advice and uninstall it.
  9. Thanks very much, LiquidTension, for your helpful response. I'm embarrassed to admit that the message I sent this morning had a major error in it. For some reason, I wrote "Rootkit Protection" when I meant "Ransomware Protection"! 🙄 It's only when I came back to the Forum to read your response that I recognized my stupid mistake. However, I read what you had to say about the freeze issue and found that I did have the Changed Block Tracking feature enabled in Macrium. Since I do Full rather than Incremental backups, I decided to simply uncheck that feature and see what difference that made. A
  10. This morning, I started my Windows 7 Prof. desktop computer running the most recent version of Malwarebytes. Everything seemed fine, but Malwarebytes didn't start and ask me to scan. When I tried to see whether it was perhaps hidden in the system tray box for excess programs, I could get no response from my computer.Indeed, the computer was frozen. I couldn't even use the Start button to restart. I forced a shutdown and tried again. Same story. I tried a third time, and this time Malwarebytes did appear on my screen and ask for a scan, but it also indicated that Rootkit Protection was turned o
  11. I too use Pale Moon as my primary browser. I'd be tempted to try the Malwarebytes browser extension if it were available for Pale Moon.
  12. Exile360, Pale Moon at the start was based on Firefox, but the two browsers are now quite different. And some time ago, Firefox changed its add-ons so that none of the earlier add-on versions worked. Those changes and others have resulted in many former Firefox users moving to Pale Moon, where most of their older Firefox add-ons still work (along with many new ones developed specifically for Pale Moon). I'm not sure whether the new Firefox add-ons will work even on other Mozilla-based browsers. All I know is that add-ons that will work on recent versions of Firefox will not work on Pale Moon
  13. Thanks very much, rakeshsejwal and exile360, for your prompt and helpful replies. Although I didn't word my original message as clearly as I should have, you answered what I really wanted to know, which was what if anything the browser add-on provided that Malwarebytes 3 does not. If Malwarebytes offers an add-on for the Pale Moon browser, I might be tempted to give it a try. Since at the moment it seems available only for Firefox and Chrome, I'll pass.
  14. I have the Premium edition of Malwarebytes 3 on my computer. Today I saw a description of a Malwarebytes add-on for Firefox and Chrome. It looked very much as if this add-on merely duplicates what Malwarebytes 3 already does. Am I mistaken? Is there any need for such an add-on if I already have Malwarebytes 3? I might note that even if it doesn't duplicate Malwarebytes 3, I won't be able to use it because there's not an add-on for Pale Moon, which is my primary browser.
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