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  1. Thanks VERY much, Firefox, for your prompt and helpful response. I followed your instructions and am happy to report that they worked perfectly.
  2. I've used and highly recommended MBAM for years. I've been dismayed, however, at the number of problems reported (and still being reported here and elsewhere) about MB3. These reports have made me stay with MBAM2 Premium, for which I have a lifetime license. Recently, I started getting persistent messages telling me that I should upgrade, and that the upgrade is ready for installation. I have NO wish to exchange a problem-free MBAM2 for the apparently still somewhat buggy MB3. Is there a way to turn off the messages asking me to upgrade? If not, can I ignore them indefinitely? When, specifically, will MBAM 2 Premium cease to work? Please understand that I really do hope to upgrade to MB3, but not until it works as well as MBAM 2.
  3. According to the Frequently Asked Questions very recently posted about Malwarebytes 3, this new version IS a replacement for other anti-virus programs, but it can also be used with another real-time anti-virus program if one wishes. See the Frequently Asked Questions, especially https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/191650-malwarebytes-30-frequently-asked-questions/#comment-1077438
  4. Thanks very much, Joe, for your very interesting and helpful reply. I had no idea that Auslogics had gone down that path. As you guessed, the version I have is quite old (from 2012), so I never saw any of the behavior you described. Now that I know about it, I will be sure not to update the program and may indeed get rid of it. In the meantime, I'll tell MBAM to ignore the PUPs from Auslogics. Again, many thanks!
  5. I run scans with MBAM Premium ( just about every day on my Windows 7 Prof. 64-bit desktop computer. The scan always comes up clean. Yesterday and today, it suddenly identified 10 PUPs, all related to AuslogicsDiscDefrag. My instructions are that MBAM should warn me but do nothing. I have had Auslogics Disc Defrag on my computer for more than four years, and MBAM has never had a problem with it until yesterday. This makes me think the warning is a false positive. I tried to follow the instructions about a developer's log, but although I followed the instructions to run mbam.exe /developer I see no sign of a developer's log. I'm attaching today's second scan (the one I did after indicating that the computer should run mbam.exe /developer). The instructions also say I should attach the file that mbam detected. There are TEN files, all PUPs. I'm not quite sure whether I need to attach them--some are folders, some are file, and one is a Registry Key (I have no idea how I would attach that). I'm hoping you'll simply tell me that this was an error on MBAM's part. mbam_scan2.txt
  6. Hi daledoc1, I wasn't obsessing over the difference in scan times between yesterday and today, and I'm well aware that scan times will vary. I was simply VERY pleased that today's scan was even noticeably shorter than yesterday's good result, and I thought other people concerned about long scan times might find these results encouraging. I should add that the 18:10 time did not occur on a subsequent scan during the same Windows user session. I turned off my computer the night before and rebooted this morning, so today's time occurred during a fresh session. Again, many thanks for your help.
  7. Just a quick follow-up. Today, MBAM's scan was even faster than yesterday's. Then, I was delighted that it had gone from 39:11 to 22:09. Well, today the scan finished in 18:10, less than half the time it took before I uninstalled MBAM and installed a newly downloaded copy of the same version!
  8. Hi again, daledoc1, In answer to your question about my PUPs setting, yes, I do want to keep it at "warn" rather than "treat as malware." In the past, MBAM has flagged as PUPs and treated as malware files that I want. The easiest way to prevent that from happening is to ask MBAM to let me know about the PUPs and let me decide what to do. I appreciate the fact that MBAM gives me that option.
  9. You've nailed it, daledoc1! The scan I just ran after uninstalling and reinstalling MBAM (the same version and database, but a newly downloaded copy) has apparently reduced the scan time from 39:11 to 22:09! MANY THANKS!! I might add that I also took your advice to upgrade Firefox from version 43 to 45, though I usually use Pale Moon rather than Firefox. But I agree that it's important to keep Firefox up-to-date as well, since I do use it from time to time. Again, thanks very much for your help.
  10. Many thanks, daledoc1, for your very prompt and helpful response. I hope to do some of what you've suggested later today, but right now I simply wanted to thank you and also attach today's MBAM scan log and another copy of the Addition.txt file. I hope this one is complete. mbam_scanlog_4022016.txt Addition.txt
  11. I am using MBAM Premium on Windows 7 Prof. 64-bit. I run an MBAM scan almost every day. I've noticed that the scans take much longer than they used to, and much longer than some other people with similar systems have reported. Today, for example, the scan took 39:11 to scan 386,171 files. I do not think that my computer is infected. Scans always come up clean, except on very rare occasions when there are confirmed false positives. I've had no problems with MBAM (which I've used for years), except for the length of the scans. It was suggested to me that I should raise the issue here and see whether anyone from MBAM can let me know whether there's a problem with my computer or not. I've attached the three files that were requested in the instructions: FRST.txt, Addition.txt, and CheckResults.txt. Many thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  12. Today I received an email message supposedly from "Malwarebytes" with the subject header "Is antivirus dead?" A look at the headers seems to indicate that this is NOT from Malwarebytes and that the links that are included would probably cause me grief. Does the company want to be informed about exploits like this? If so, where should I forward the email to? If you're not interested in seeing it, I'll just delete it.
  13. bobber269, You have to click on Attach this file after you've said you want to attach a file and have selected the file. It's not exactly obvious--I recall having the same problem once. [Ah, I see you figured it out.]
  14. I just saw Ade Gill's announcement about this being a FP. Many thanks.
  15. I too had what I'm almost sure is a false positive involving Tracker Software today. I've had this software on my computer for years, and I run MBAM scans just about every day. MBAM has never objected to it before. Suddenly today it found 488 problems. I've attached MBAM's log, with my username omitted for privacy. mbam_trackerFP1.txt