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My site www.freewaregenius.com may be blocked -- please advice


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I am a paid (Australian) MBAM user and also a frequent Freewaregenius reader, and I am afraid that - for me at least - FG *is* being blocked by MBAM.

The IP address shown in the blocking notification is and the port is 55324.

I hope this helps to pinpoint the problem, FG is one of the better quality sites on the web.



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I was getting a warning related to when I even so much as had this site on my speed dial and my browser was opened with the speed dial page loaded: goodereader.com/apps/category/android-apps/

The site would load, albeit slowly, but MBAM kept complaining. I looked up the IP, saw it was related to Cloudflare, saw a couple of threads here on the subject. I just loaded the site now and no warning, so maybe it's been sorted out.

Edited to add, I see there are several threads related to this IP address being blocked, several different websites.

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I just filed a report about a different web page, but I noticed that it has the same base IP (173.245.60.xxx) which is also cloudflare, the host of the site I am having problems accessing.

I just tried to access www.freewaregenius.com ( and was blocked. I just tried it again now to confirm, so freewaregenius is still being blocked.

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