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  1. Ah, that would explain it. I figured it must be something these two browsers were doing differently. I had issues a while back with one particular website which seemed to introduce image corruption into the cache. I only accessed that website with Chrome, but when the images got corrupted in Chrome, they were also corrupted in Opera. I had to completely clear the cache in both browsers to get it fixed. If I only cleared the cache in one, it didn't help.
  2. Now it's working again in Opera. Seems to be an off and on thing, I'm just wondering why it affects the chrome based browsers and not Firefox.
  3. Hello, I've had this issue come up with this forum and with another message board I belong to. It happens occasionally and is affecting this forum right now. When I try to reach the website of this message board on my Opera and Chrome browsers, I get the message that the DNS address could not be found. Yet here I am, same computer, Firefox browser. Any idea why this might be happening?
  4. I just installed this browser on my current laptop. I haven't used Google Chrome for a long time, so I am getting reacquainted with it. The only extension I have purposely installed is WOT. Google Docs offline and others are there and enabled--Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slide. It looks like Chrome comes with them installed and enabled by default. HTH.
  5. I haven't read the article yet...but why on earth would Microsoft do that? That is absolutely insane!
  6. So what do you think of that link to the test site to see if you're vulnerable, at filippo.io/Badfish. I didn't want to leave a link in here in case the website is bad. I checked it at Virustotal, but the whole subject makes me gun shy of clicking on it.
  7. My Opera browser is blocking content on this page...seems to be in the original post.
  8. I'm getting an 'invalid certificate' warning when I go to that link with the Opera browser. Such an extension looks like an interesting idea, though.
  9. Great pictures, Ron. I wish our clouds had stayed a way just a bit longer. Oh well, hopefully the next one will be more visible.
  10. I watched the moon disappear, but cloud cover also arrived. By the time the eclipse was total, there was nothing visible. Could be a coincidence, but there was some disruption of our satellite TV service during the eclipse. The dish completely lost signal for a couple of minutes at a time. Siri (on my Apple devices) was also having trouble over my satellite internet connection during the eclipse, but I did manage to load web pages with no problem.
  11. I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but I looked up the three failed login attempts on my hotmail account at AbuseIPDB dot com. One of the failed attempts came from Microsoft! This website said the IP address I was checking was from a 'trusted hosting ISP' and could not be reported. That was the U.S. IP. I reported the 2 South American IP's, and I am the first person to do so. Hotmail doesn't seem to allow for reporting unless the hacker actually succeeds in logging in, then there is a 'not you?' button you can click in that case.
  12. I have a hotmail account that I use for message boards and such--an account I can delete if I need to. This thread got me checking, and I see that there have been three failed attempts to log into my hotmail e-mail account. One was from Venezuela, one from Argentina, and one from the west coast in the U.S. Like you, Fivealive, the ip addresses were listed but device and browser unknown. My laptop is trusted so it doesn't require the 2 step verification, but my other devices do. Quite troubling, really. I mean, the attempts were unsuccessful and my password is so random as to be very di
  13. The trip was awesome, truly a once in a lifetime thing. As for the peculiar behavior with the youtube video's, that's beyond me. The last video I posted was an 'official video', maybe those have some restrictions. Oh well, I guess I'll just let it open up a new browser page on the Youtube website when that happens.
  14. I'm getting a message that "This video contains content from Sony ATV Publishing. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube". This is on Windows 8 with Opera 19. On my iPad2 with Safari, I'm just getting the spinning wheel. The video embedded in post #981 works in my Opera browser on the Windows machine, though. MT's first video in post 990 plays on this page, but the second one gives me that same message I quoted. On the Windows 8, IE 10 doesn't even want to display the embedded videos unless I tell the page to 'display all content'. It then either plays t
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