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I Bought It But...

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...I was never actually charged for it. I got a statement from Paypal and a reference number for Cleverbridge, but the payment was never taken out of my bank account. I wasn't aware of any money that I had on my Paypal account and I just want to make sure that the Malwarebytes team got the payment for this wonderful application. (They deserve the payment for their wonderful efforts.)

If there are any administrators or moderators here with the capability of checking an order, I can send you the reference number for Cleverbridge to see if the payment actually went through.

Thanks in advance.

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Greetings :PYou can send an email to them at: cs@cleverbridge.com Have your order number ready, they will tell you if they got your payment. There on CST time in the USA. Post back if you need anything else... regards...

PS: If you were emailed your ID & License Key print it out & put it in a safe place. The License is good for Life, so when you buy a new pc... see what I mean... Will walk you thru the process of changing it on your pc's if you post here...

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Thanks. I was indeed emailed an ID and license key. I figured it was a lifetime key, but thanks for confirming it. I have the email saved on my computer as I usually save my important emails like purchases and registrations so I can easily find them again if I need them.

I am actually a computer nut myself and love testing rogue anti-virus programs on my virtual machines. I usually end up using Malwarebytes to remove any malware, it does such a great job.

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