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RDP + v1.45?

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I know there was a long known bug in the past when you were trying to run the protection model (paid version) and remoting into a machine with RDP. I thought this was supposed to be fixed in v1.45? Its still not working for me. When i choose "Enable Protection Mode" i get "[CreateService] failed to perform desired action. Error Code: 1072". This is happening on a variety of machines with a variety of different OS versions:

Windows 7 x64

Windows 2008 Enterprise Server R2 x64

Windows Server 2003

Every machine is up to date on its patches.

I don't know if it matters but i didn't do a full uninstall / reinstall of malwarebytes when i went to version 1.45. I did an inplace upgrade.

What gives? There are quite a few machines in my network that are headless and i only use RDP to connect to them. Very frustrating that i can't run Malwarebytes realtime scanning. If this is still a bug please tell me its either going to be fixed really soon or there is an easy workaround?



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As a licensed corporate user, technician, reseller, affiliate or non-profit you have access to the corporate helpdesk, contact them via the email address below. This is the consumer helpdesk only.


They will assist you in this matter. Please provide your license information when requesting help.

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