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  1. I would if i had a backup. If your talking about "System Restore" then server doesn't have that its a consumer related feature.
  2. As the topic says my server recently got hit by the false positive fiasco. I booted up the server in safe mode with networking and try to run the fix as administrator. The OS is Server 2012 64-bit. I started it last night about 9:00 pm before i went to bed. I woke up this morning and it was still chugging away. So i thought maybe something when screwy so i closed it and tried to restart it. That was at about 6:00 am. Well its now 10 minutes before 6:00pm and the thing is STILL running. When you look at the command window you can tell its making progress because if you watch it you see a new fi
  3. Just to be clear i'm getting the file the author listed above detected in my temp directory but not the registry key.
  4. Yep and another same here. It happens every few days on Windows 7 x64. At first i was clicking quarantine and there was nothing every in the quarantine. Then last time i clicked ignore hoping it was some install i did that was finishing up and i wouldn't get nagged again yet today i got nagged again. I have looked in my temp folder to see if i could find the file and i can't because i was going to run it through virustotals. Malwarebytes finds nothing on its daily scans and either does NIS 2010 or Prevx. Even tried hitman since it uses many virus scanners and it found nothing also. Guys can yo
  5. I know there was a long known bug in the past when you were trying to run the protection model (paid version) and remoting into a machine with RDP. I thought this was supposed to be fixed in v1.45? Its still not working for me. When i choose "Enable Protection Mode" i get "[CreateService] failed to perform desired action. Error Code: 1072". This is happening on a variety of machines with a variety of different OS versions: Windows 7 x64 Windows 2008 Enterprise Server R2 x64 Windows Server 2003 Every machine is up to date on its patches. I don't know if it matters but i didn't do a full uninst
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