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  1. travelmag.co.uk

    Hello- We're not seeing the site nor the IP in our db, please provide a protection log for us to review? Thanks
  2. form.jotformeu.com

    Hello As the offending content has been removed the block which was in place will be lifted in the next update to our database in the next few hours or so. At that time, update the database and try access again.
  3. Unblock My Website

    Hello and thanks for contacting us. This block was removed a few days ago, please update your database and access it again, I have no issues accessing it from my systems.

    Hello and thanks for contacting us. We do not show that these blocks(neither sites or IP) are in our current database. Can you please doublecheck the source database version? Would also be helpful t post the full protection log as well. You can attach it or paste it in.
  5. Please Unblock My Website

    Hi- Thanks for contacting us, yes, that's correct, we block all .top due to the extremely high amount of malware on it, especially ransomware that lives there. If you need to access the site add it to our exclusion option.
  6. IE Crashes since MB 3.0.6 install

    User getting assisted in support, closing this topic
  7. I just replied to your support ticket, please check your spam and junk mail folders. Further another tech had replied to you several times before as well before the ticket was reassigned to our tech support team where I picked it up.