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  1. Hello Thanks for contacting us, we've reviewed the site and it will be removed from our database in the next database roll out sometime in the next hour or so.
  2. Hello, thanks for reporting this. We've reevaluated the site and it will be removed from the database in our next update later in the day.
  3. Thanks for contacting us, this has been reviewed and will be removed fro the database.
  4. Thanks for the updated information, the site has been removed from the database as it's no longer an active phish. An update will be pushed out in the next hour or so, then update the client database and it should no longer be detected as a threat.
  5. Hello- Thanks for reporting this, we've rechecked the site and have removed it from the database as the offending data has been cleaned. This will be reflected in the next database due to go out in the next hour or so. After you update MBAM try the site again. The block should no longer be shown.
  6. Hello Thanks for your patience, we've reviewed the block and it will remain in place at this time, there are several other sites similarly named and using the same number and same type of support.
  7. Hello- We're not seeing the site nor the IP in our db, please provide a protection log for us to review? Thanks
  8. Hello As the offending content has been removed the block which was in place will be lifted in the next update to our database in the next few hours or so. At that time, update the database and try access again.
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