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IP blocker blocking valied sites


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Hi Everyone, for the last couple if hours Malwarebytes has been blocking valid sites including your own. One the address's was the others were similar. Also malwarebytes has just ran it's nightly scan and reported 4 Trojan's. Is this cause for alarm or is Malwarebytes throwing a wobbler again? :D

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This IP lies within a Netelligent range, and has nothing to do with Malwarebytes sites/forums.

Can you list some of these legit sites you're referring to please?

Hi, MysteryFCM, thanks for getting back to me. Three sites in particular were WebUser magazine, SatAid, and Malwarebytes links from my email (these email links are from Malwarebytes help page)

I kept getting the same IP address blocked all night. Tonight, I have not had any problems up to now and a full scan with Avast has not revealed anything malicious.

Can you explain please, what is the Netelligent range?

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No problem.

Information on Netelligent, can be found at;


Thanks again MysteryFCM, I read the article and it is a bit clearer, up to now I have not had any more problems, the sites that were flagged as malicious are now loading ok. It looks as if there was a glitch somewhere that has corrected itself.

very slowly I am learning

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