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  1. Hi Ron, Thanks for your reply, the ticket number is: 2732162. After my initial query I received an automated reply asking me to run the support and repair tool, after the reboot and inputting my licence key I still get the blacklisted message. I have also tried an earlier restore point. Many thanks
  2. I have been using Malwarebytes with a lifetime licence since 2009. Today I needed to run a scan only to find that Malwarebytes wouldn't work. I tried to input my licence key but it was not recognised. I then ran scans with both Windows defender and Avast but nothing wrong was found. I then tried my malwarebytes backup cd but it wouldn't work either. My next port of call was my account within Malwarebytes, everything looked ok so I clicked the button for a fresh install. After the install Malwarebytes came up with the free version so I first ran a scan and nothing was found, then I tr
  3. I have a lifetime premium license which I use for my desktop. I am trying to add it to my laptop but it is not being accepted. I can't find if my license is for more than 1 device. How do I find out?. My desktop is running windows 7 and my laptop has windows 10, both for home use only. I am up to date with Malwarebytes at
  4. Hi, during the install my computer froze half way through and kept doing the same after multiple tries, i managed to overcome this by going back to a previous restore point but even this took 3 tries. Funny thing is, I have my settings to ask me before install and somehow it by-passed this. Hope this helps.
  5. I have also had problems with Adobe 10.1. If you go to the Adobe forum site for Flashplayer you will see that it is very buggy and many people are having problems with it. You should also be able to get help from that site. It seems that one of the main problems is that if the new Adobe 10.1 downloads to one of your browsers it doesn't automatically download to all your computers browsers (assuming that you have more than one browser) and without running on all of them, especially IE, then it will not play videos properly, if at all. However this is only one of its many faults.
  6. As far as I know he has Malwarebytes and Avast. Is there anything else he could use ?
  7. Thanks GT500 & Mountaintree16 for your speedy answers, I will tell my mate to be very careful.
  8. Hi. A friend of mine recently had a problem with some malware on his new computer running windows 7. He ran a scan with Malwarebytes which found 1 registry key infection ( hijack.display properties/bad(1) good(0) ) This was quarantined and deleted. The computer now seems to be running ok. He says that the only program he opened was Facebook and he didn't download anything. The question is, although he has Malwarebytes and Avast running on his computer neither of them picked up the infection until a scan was done. Is there anything out there that will stop infections from Facebook or the li
  9. Thanks again MysteryFCM, I read the article and it is a bit clearer, up to now I have not had any more problems, the sites that were flagged as malicious are now loading ok. It looks as if there was a glitch somewhere that has corrected itself. very slowly I am learning
  10. Hi, MysteryFCM, thanks for getting back to me. Three sites in particular were WebUser magazine, SatAid, and Malwarebytes links from my email (these email links are from Malwarebytes help page) I kept getting the same IP address blocked all night. Tonight, I have not had any problems up to now and a full scan with Avast has not revealed anything malicious. Can you explain please, what is the Netelligent range?
  11. Hi Everyone, for the last couple if hours Malwarebytes has been blocking valid sites including your own. One the address's was the others were similar. Also malwarebytes has just ran it's nightly scan and reported 4 Trojan's. Is this cause for alarm or is Malwarebytes throwing a wobbler again?
  12. Thanks Jacktivity for your prompt reply, I have done as you suggested and everything is now ok again and I have downloaded the latest Malwarebytes updates. Very slowly I am learning
  13. Hi, Last night my Firewall (pc tools firewall plus) popped up telling me that Malwarebytes was trying to access my computer wanting to change binaries, not knowing what this meant I blocked it. Tonight I thought about it and decided to update Malwarebytes and see if this told me anything. Unfortunately I received the error 732(0,0). I have tried the solution from the FAQ that Prairie Dog posted in an earlier query to no avail, I am still getting the error 732(0,0). I have not had any trouble in the past like this. Any thoughts on this one Regards Arthur
  14. Hi deebeee I have also been reading up about Dell diagnostics today, here is what I read. 1 Restart the system. 2 Press the <F12> key to enter the one time boot menu. 3 Insert the Dell Resource CD into the CD-ROM drive. 4 In the Boot Device Menu select the option for the IDE CD-ROM Device 5 The Dell Resource CD will boot to a menu allowing you to boot from the CD-ROM or the hard drive. Choose to boot from the CD-ROM. 6 After the CD-ROM boot process completes, another menu will appear. Select the option to "Run the 32 Bit Dell Diagnostics". 7 A message is displayed that describes
  15. I'm sure one of those is my wife's car
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