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Hello fello Malwarebyters


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Hello all I am hoping I am posting this in the right spot. I have a creapy old  man tha thas been following me around from post to post trying to negate me. <_< So ho wlong has every one been doing this for? What made you want to follow this journey? Did you make it a business or do you do it for fun or as a hobby? After catching virus after virus and not learning from it. This last time I said it was enough. I want to learn how to stay safe online and help others stay safe online. This world is full of sick old people that just want to cause malitia to people they dont even know. I am also aprt of a few other online malware and cyber security forums and blogs. So how would one get started in learning the steps to stay safe online? I see we have a self help thread and I want to take in all the knowledge I can with that. Yall have a blessed day and stay safe online.

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