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I received an email this morning again asking me to download a chrome removal zip file.  After entering the URL to retrieve the file, I received alerts saying that this was not advisable because it was likely a malicious site trying to get financial information from me, as a result I aborted the attempt and am trying to get additional information from Malwarebytes Staff. To date I still have SearchMine running my Chrome SE.  Still awaiting results and losing faith this can be done by your company.

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Sorry, I'm not clear on a couple of things.

- Exactly what additional information do you see from the Malwarebytes staff? The alert appears to me to tell a complete story. I would only add that it's never a good idea to click on or enter a URL shown in an email that is not from a known, trusted source.

- Since this is your first posting to the forum, how did you request assistance in removing SearchMine? If it was by a support ticket, be advised that there is a significant backlog there which can take a week or more to get a response, due to a number of factors, including Pandemic issues. Forum discussions are currently the best way to receive assistance that do not involve revealing privacy information. I would also ask if you have performed all that tasks shown in the pinned article in this forum?


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