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Closed topic on pop-up is misleading

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is a closed resolved topic but for the life of me I cannot figure out what Maurice Naggar is saying is the solution.  I doubt it has anything to do with IObit/Driver Booster software removal because I experienced the same thing on a customer PC who does not nor ever has had IObit..  And its too large to be a browser notification in the notification area (IMO, I believe that width and height is restricted by traditional notifications).

I do have a pretty good idea that it was a glitch caused by Avira antivirus for the following reasons:

[1] We both have Avira
[2] The Avira pattern of globe images with stars matches what we both saw -- see attached image of settings
[3] It went away on it's own for both of us
[4] Avira has a reputation for annoying popups after waking up from sleep an update -- see

With all due respect, you should re-open that case and paste this info in.  As punishment for giving incorrect information (unintentionally of course) Mr. Naggar needs to send Eddie's screenshot to Avira and ask them to confirm it is theirs.

I solved this without tools as follows

1.  the solution sounded implausible because I did not believe Windows would allow any type of notification in the notification area to be that large. 

2. I next saw Mr. Naggar's results from various scans and I had none of those apps.  I then did my own deep dive and concluded it had to be caused by a credible app on the customer PC.  Using a "hunch" I Googled "Avira globe notification" to see if maybe Avira did this.  That led to establishing the concept that Avira has had a poor reputation for disturbingly annoying pop-ups as recently as 5 months ago (see [4] above).  That led me to look at their settings and discover their globe icons are remarkably similar to that which Eddie complained about (see attached).  And now if Mr. Naggar (or Eddie) can reach out to Avira and ask them if it was theirs he can confirm my theory.  While he is at it, he may want to tell them the popup was pathetic and very sloppy programming on their part.






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Hello Harry.

The other topic was resolved when the stray image no longer showed up. That was a few standard cleanup methods after getting diagnostic reports.

It is interesting that you make mention of Avira.

The originator of the other case did happen to mention that he had made use of Avira.

At the time of the case, the originator had no idea what the source of the image was.

I will make a notation on the case to check for prior use or installation of Avira if the same globe image is encountered.

I wish you well.

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I will also say, when the image appears and goes away, and cannot be explained this is considered an "event" that would disturb any security engineer until they were able to explain it.  He was disturbed (concerned) by it.  As was my customer when they saw it.  As was I when he asked me.  The image going away is not enough to stop worrying about it :- ).    It's regrettable that it's likekly sourced from an anti-virus company however I personally don't hold all anti-virus companies in high regard so in this case, and per my reference to people being angry at Avira approx 3 months prior, it is not surprising that there was a bug that likekly was fixed.  Per that article, it could also be an issue when the computer wakes up from sleep and Avira tries to update Avira but the wireless connection has not yet been established and Avira decides to pop up that message (in a buggy way since there is no information in it) to let folks know it had no Internet connection to update itself.  Given what we know about the issue people complained about 3 months prior, this is a very likekly explanation for an Avira error of generating a confusing popup near the notification area and any it can be any size it wants it to be .  And again, you can see Eddie has the Avira icon on his desktop hence he almost certainly uses it.  I think he'll appreciate my explanation in full.  :- )

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