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www.myway.com Blocked

Bryan 2000

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I posted this a few weeks ago and the site was unblocked but now it's blocking it again.

The site is not malicious and really should be blocked if you could consider adding it to the trusted sites I'd appreciate it.

I assume you're working on a feature that would allow us to create a personal exception list.

I absolutely love your program and recommend it to all of my "users". Five of my "users" signed up and paid for your product since September 1st on my recommendation and i'm thrilled I found a product that I can recommend with confidence.

Keep up the good work, I love your product ...

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myway.com currently resolves to, which is not in the IPBL, so chances are, IAC have stuck some code on the site to load content from an IP that is blocked (which is bad coding on their part as the blocking of an IP, should never prevent the site itself loading).

Running the site through Fiddler shows they're loading content from, and However, the site did still load for me, even with these blocked.

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Odd, the site doesn't load for me, and IP Protection log shows the following:

15:29:27	GT500	IP-BLOCK
15:29:27 GT500 IP-BLOCK
15:29:37 GT500 IP-BLOCK

I also use my.myway.com as my home page and just recently upgraded my Malwarebytes from the free to the pay version and immediately started having issues with this site.

Malwarebytes tells me it is blocking access to a malicious IP

The site starts to load the background, but never displays the entire page..

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