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Confused by MSFT patches May & June


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I have laptops...

 HP 4 years old    upgraded to WIN 10  ... Ver 1803  Build 17134829   


 Lenovo 3 years old ...        WIN 8.1  ... Ver 6.3  Build 9600

I call your attention to the Krebs on Security web page, specifically the essay headlined as
"12 Microsoft Patch Tuesday, June 2019 Edition."     https://krebsonsecurity.com/  (the 12 refers to 12 June)

I am on again and off again understanding the Krebs essay.  At first I thought there was "bad" included in the MSFT June patch.  The blog below the essay has lots of user comments on how the patch has adversely affected their computers. But reading again, words like "code" and "exploit" baffle me and make me think the problems are in the Microsoft applications that are named and the patch is intended to fix vulnerabilities in them (?)

I heard the last sentence of a news reporter on tv two nights ago as I switched channels to stating something about some advisory for Win 10 and Win 8 users to reset one's computer to be safe. I am assuming he referred to the June patch.  It is this report that had me hunting on the web and finding the Krebs link I cited.  

Coming to this forum looking for reactions only had me find the Microsoft Patch May 2019 thread which I glanced over, and it appears Microsoft injected problems with its May contributions.  This makes me wonder if I am in trouble due to the May contribution from Microsoft, too.  

Is there a brief way to understand the problems of these two months and if it is necessary for a user to react ?  Recommending me to elsewhere more appropriately is fine. 


Much thanks !


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Hello @deucy14:

I appreciate Brian Krebs' posts, but I wonder about his ability to stay current with the often challenging patch situation for Microsoft Windows without the advice of the true industry intelligentsia.  IMHO, I believe he may be taking the word of others and publishing what he was told without the benefit of additional personal experience in a laboratory like environment.

I place more faith in Susan Bradley, Woody Leonhard, and their "AskWoody" associates, for their posts at: https://www.askwoody.com/

The Internet Storm Center may occasionally have interesting posts.

Even then, you rightfully do not let experts do your critical thinking.


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