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  1. Thank you Exile 360 and Porthos. I did check out the Firewall control and Firewall characteristics under Malwarebytes' roof. But my problem exists in the bowels of of my computer somewhere, somehow corrupted from having any Firewall associated to my Windows 8.1. Please see my recent post with the advisory I found.
  2. May 16, 2021 With a 30 day right for a refund from GlassWire, a free firewall was available, but I could not get it's Firewall to work. One of their installation advisors assisted but could not help me either. A big asset of it is to be able to scan, alert, and allow user to block the suspicious. But enabling its firewall feature failed for me. Although through my Windows 8.1 Control Panel and into Window's Firewall control panels, nothing worked on that panel/ panels with one exception. I did find a Firewall advisory which I have here in the attachme
  3. Because this may cause some immediate replies of what is favorite among Malwarebytes subscribers to a question that relates to Your choices of a Free Firewall or two or three, I chose to post here rather than the General Windows PC Help forum above. The latter I may have to go in the future because my Windows 8.1 has an inoperative Windows Firewall. (I have been to Services and found Windows Firewall with its three choices inert.) I read that Windows has a "great" built-in firewall, but searching now, I can't find it. I forgot about a built-in Windows firewall when one day Zone Alarm go
  4. I could not get a response when clicking on ädd to Firefox. I wrote a ticket for help.
  5. Thank you both very much....brad03......Advanced Setup
  6. Please direct me to where download is for Browser Guard... I find the forum but not the download location. Thank you much!
  7. Thank you for that Excellent + explanation, exile360 !
  8. No....my inquiry was not related to phone, mobile devices. I will ask my question differently. It is about the Browser Guard itself. Question: When I see a number count clicking upward on my malwarebyte Browser Guard immediately after landing on a site, what is being manifested ....numbers of trackers that are being thwarted successfully or a collection of trackers that have arrived, and not being removed ? I expect generally it to be a low number of trackers counted that have been successful at getting on and staying on because Browser Guard has done a good job keeping possibly larger numb
  9. Thank you, Porthos ! ... re Browser Guard The Browser Guard I have had on my desktop computer has worked for about a year that I have had it, BUT now there are some "big leaks." Both CNBC.com and YahooFinance.com are examples of two sites I use daily, extensively. CNBC has 16 to 20 units coming through and Yahoo Finance has at this moment 129. I have not white listed them; (I checked to make sure.) Any recommendations ?
  10. Thank you, Hardhead ! For clarity, I wish to resolve in my mind your statement: Browser Guard is not available....Period......for mobile phone. Yet you stated B G can be downloaded at Mozilla FF and FF. I am inferring that means downloaded to a computer for instance, BUT NOT to a mobile phone. The link you provided gave advice on downloading B G but made nothing specific about where one can and where one cannot download B G to. On the smart phone, I used a Firefox browser, went to Firefox extensions and came up empty for B G.
  11. Is it necessary to have a MWB account on a smart phone (currently using Firefox) before downloading Browser Guard ? ….. or just a user name and password ? Thanks as always !
  12. Just want to thank you exile360 with your illustration on your post of what should appear in my next start-up attempt and your (its-all-in-the-wrist), remove and install advice. Thank you nukecad for your initiative to contribute clarity and illustrations relating to the distinctions between the Firefox menus and MBG itself. The two of you put the ducks in a row for a newer and better start. I've had a new start and been surveying and reading what is a big campus on the subject. ....And what a performance Malwarebytes Browser Guard is ! It appears no rock was unturned in putting this
  13. I was disappointed last night when starting with MBG. I spend time looking for things as exhibited by Malwarebytes that are associated with MBG. The MBG icon appeared left of my web page, address window, and clicking on it provided no useful information. On new browser windows, sometimes the icon does not appear at all. There has never been an icon to the right of my web page, address window next to a cog. No cog appears. Clicking on “tools” on my browser window allowed me to go to a list of extensions where MBG was listed as active with an election to turn i
  14. On the early morning of Jan 16, I discovered the supposed automatic update that was to be received---the December one--had not been received. Neither had the subject patch that is the current subject. I manually downloaded the December update. I waited through the same day for the patch to automatically come in, which it did that night.
  15. BillH99999........Everything you narrated I experienced too except I am build 1903, but they have the same common core operating system. The only step you did not state is to click on View Update History. View Update History You see it on the screen print you provided. KB4528760 was not there last night for me; only the December update that I downloaded about 2 a.m. EST this morning. I checked tonight 7:15 pm and still everything looked the same for me until I clicked on View Update History.
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