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  1. Thank you for the referrals, HTH...that is excellent. deucy14
  2. I have laptops... HP 4 years old upgraded to WIN 10 ... Ver 1803 Build 17134829 and Lenovo 3 years old ... WIN 8.1 ... Ver 6.3 Build 9600 I call your attention to the Krebs on Security web page, specifically the essay headlined as "12 Microsoft Patch Tuesday, June 2019 Edition." https://krebsonsecurity.com/ (the 12 refers to 12 June) I am on again and off again understanding the Krebs essay. At first I thought there was "bad" included in the MSFT June patch. The blog below the essay has lots of user comments on how the patch has adversely affected their computers. But reading again, words like "code" and "exploit" baffle me and make me think the problems are in the Microsoft applications that are named and the patch is intended to fix vulnerabilities in them (?) I heard the last sentence of a news reporter on tv two nights ago as I switched channels to stating something about some advisory for Win 10 and Win 8 users to reset one's computer to be safe. I am assuming he referred to the June patch. It is this report that had me hunting on the web and finding the Krebs link I cited. Coming to this forum looking for reactions only had me find the Microsoft Patch May 2019 thread which I glanced over, and it appears Microsoft injected problems with its May contributions. This makes me wonder if I am in trouble due to the May contribution from Microsoft, too. Is there a brief way to understand the problems of these two months and if it is necessary for a user to react ? Recommending me to elsewhere more appropriately is fine. Confused. Much thanks !
  3. FYI.....I used the Malwarebytes Support Tool for the first time hours ago, and it was pretty slick except for.... ......I choose to allow it to download and install the newest version and build of MWB, but after its reboot, MWB was not even downloaded. What I experienced: 1. The previous version remained in the Programs. 2. In Programs, a current date folder appeared for MWB, but not even a rabbit appeared....nothing. I did first a search in the download folder and then one for the entire computer with negative finding. 3. Over a period of a number of minutes, 5 to 10, the previous version and its folder it was in, within Programs, disappeared. and still no contents in the current date folder. 4. I manually downloaded the current version, executed it, and everything worked fine. *** Scan with MWB Premium (trial) inclu Root Kits, 47 min. Negative Findings. *** Equipment: HP Laptop Pavillion 4 years old Windows 10 Home (more in attchmt)
  4. I am very new with (a smart) cell phone. I take it from the link that was provided from staff at the start of this forum that drives one to the full promotion for adwcleaner that it was not started with mobile in mind and there is nothing that refers to cell phones. Now, with my first, new smart phone, I am plagued....just plagued with crap getting in my way as I struggle up the learning curve, which just confuses me in my effort to get where I want and when there, sometimes have unwanted in the way. I actually had d/l adwcleaner just a short while ago and then choose an app to go find it. I clicked on adwcleaner and had multiple choices to open it. I choose GooglePlay not knowing which was best. It could not open it. IT WAS THEN that I woke up with the thought adwcleaner is not going to facilitate the execution and probably none will. That is when I recalled the link that staff provided .... FAQ.... which is where I found no reference to cell phones. QUESTION: Doe the malwarebites browser extension calculate to be the best possible for the phone, or is it not mobile available ? Thank you in advance for your suggestions !
  5. Thanks for that Exile360. I had read elsewhere from a description posted a year ago in general what you stated here. Your statement here is more deliberative and it a bit more descriptive. (A change to some words and a few more added is what I mean.) I knew by going thru the procedures after a download there would be electives; I just wanted to know in advance. The mb-clean tool stands to be a great tool to replace my more laborious manner of doing a clean install. My kudos to the Malwarebytes team ! (You can use anything in this post as a testimonial from me ! ) 😊
  6. I saw in the lest of features something about helping in upgrade in versions. I am behind in doing that on a few computers. Does this Tool make the process of doing a clean install any quicker ? Or does it just help adding a new version on top of an old one. I would appreciate a quick answer as I am really pressed right now. Thank you in advance for your kindness !
  7. Thanks, Maurice.....Just what I was looking for. Appreciate it !
  8. Strangely, I had one of my computers be stripped without any notice to me (that I am aware of) of its MWB premium. I would like to have an exchange with MWB support as to how/why that happened ? Always, much thanks
  9. Background: The stock brokerage I have been with for 15 years has been bought out a year ago and absorbed into another, existing one. It still has its original site up but at the home page states it has been bought out by xyz. I've used its reliable trading platform for all those years, but even it can get corrupted and needs to be downloaded anew. There is virtually no one to talk to at the old company. There is only one person I know of from the old company that is now working at the new company intimate with the trading platform, and he was not able to be gotten to yesterday when I ran into a problem. I will try again today to reach him, but he may just say to download the same platform anew from the old site. This is time sensitive as I have stock positions that need to be monitored. Problem: When I tried to download from the original site the trading platform to replace the existing, messed up one, I got a warning not to. A dire warning "strongly encouraging" not to. I am assuming it derives from MB's adware beta (does it have a name ?), as I don't recall seeing such from the MB platform in the traditional manner, although I have not gotten a warning in a very long time based on doing an imminent download. I do have the option to ignore the warning. (I have had the beta for about 4 to 6 weeks.) Please, which forum do I go to in order to address a possible, false positive from the MW adware ? I see a list of applications that are addressed at the False Positive forum, but the adware beta is not listed. I suspect it IS where to go, but I don't want to waste mine or other's time if it is not. BTW...if I wish to remove the MB adware beta, where do I go on my computer to do so ? My Revo Uninstaller shows "adguard installer" from last November, but I thought I have had the MW beta less than a few months, so what I see may be a former adware application. Thank you in advance for steering me ! I have had the MW adware (does it have a name?) for about 6 weeks.
  10. Thanks, exile360. Note on on the Malwarebytes platform the "on" is a white dot. Hehe.
  11. exile360, You are very quick and all inclusive, comprehensive. Appreciation from here for all of that. I have to navigate around much, and I would like to have it right from the beginning. Actually, at first stroke with the extension, I was questioning the on/off of the button beyond the intuitive (green means engage or on). But I asked myself "is green really as I just stated and was practicing ?" I began to wonder. Creeping in was the notion that solid white may be an expression of a closed gate to the potentially obstructive / destructive; green was an open gate for whatever existed allowing the user for whatever purpose wanting it that way at that location; similar to what you described with Malwarebytes capability to acknowledge the exceptions of the user. (I actually live behind a substantial, closed, white gate in Latin America.) The Allow List also is aptly described with its electives. It is just that it is so robustly and easily designed for use that it made the appearance of the prospect being "quite frequent" to be "allowing" the potential Questionables not to be blocked. That did not feel intuitive. Not withstanding the labeling is correct, the visual tickled a fragment of doubt. As a rock turner, I wanted to be 100% clear. So I subscribed to your generous "contact anytime" offer. I do appreciate you and staff ! Thanks, too, for the links.
  12. The MWB browser extension: I have just engaged it to my Firefox. Did I miss a tutorial ? About the on/off button. When green is showing it means the election is in the affirmative ? i.e. The button is on ? Should button not be showing the green, it means the election is in the negative ? i.e. The button is off ? Am I correct in stating that the Allow List is for those web domains that I cite that I wish to PERMIT malware/scams and permit adds/clickbait ? If so, why would I want that ? What does the number mean that is associated with the MWB icon in the upper right of the page ? Thank you in advance !
  13. This is a treasure trove ! Thank you exile ! I will be on the extension beta. Updating, certainly !
  14. I would like to get a fair ad blocker with not necessary to have all the bells and whistles. AdGuard reads impressively its promotion. But I wish to have minimum conflict with my 1st priority MW. I am willing to work an ad blocker to minimize issues with MB ..... but I am not the most savvy with computers. My question is if there is a favored, run of the mill ad blocker with decent fulfillment and won't impede or obstruct my MW. Is there an appropriate forum you can direct me or forward this inquiry, too ? I admit I am behind with MB updates quite a bit.
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