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I don't see a suggestions for IOS so I'll put it here

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I have been a Malwarebytes user since 2012.  I own 2 forever licenses.  You're product saved me countless times by blocking threats and removing some as well.  So first I want to say a big thank you for the PC version of Malwarebytes. 

On to Malwarebytes for IOS.  I feel like I kinda wasted money buying the premium option because Malwarebytes doesn't block spoofed calls, no app can I have come to realize.  My point is, can you add additional features to the IOS App? 

Something that would scan the iPhone to see if it has bad Profiles (malicious certificates are an emerging problem that's only getting much worse), scan to make sure it isn't rooted, scan the WiFi to see if the network you are on is safe, etc.

I ask for these options because I feel that Malwarebytes is just sitting there, of no real use besides the Safari blockers. (I do not use Safari)

I specifically ask for the malicious profile certificates to be scanned because the average user has no idea about phising or social engineering.  For example my brothers iPhone turned out to have had 3 malicious certificates dating back to 2015.  One was a fake certificate from Comodo (don't know where that one pointed to), the other two malicious profile certificates pointing to a website that phones to hundreds of phishing, malware, trojans, etc.  I was in absolute shock when I ran the IP from those profile certs on VirusTotal.

Just my suggestions.

Thank You

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There are a few new features that are being tested in beta now -- see: 

But as you have discovered, there are some hard limits on what Apple allows other apps to do, especially things that iOS reserves to itself, such as blocking calls.

Someone from the staff will not doubt be able to address your specific request concerning Profiles, but my guess would be that it's another forbidden area.

FYI, until recently, Comodo provided free certificates that allow individual users to sign and / or encrypt e-mails for one year, so that could have been what you found.

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Hey, thank for responding.  Yeah my brother has no idea how to use profiles or for that matter any settings function on any device and must of unwittingly downloaded those three profile certificates and then he must of installed them by thinking he was installing an particular app.  He says he has no idea about it and when I try to explain what a profile or certificate is, it just goes way over his head.

However like I said earlier, my concern wasn't really for the Comodo profile, but the other two.  I wish I would of wrote down the names of those profiles and the domain name they pointed to. 

But like you said, and I suspect it is true as well, I really don't think Malwarebytes can access scanning of certificate profiles due to the eco system of IOS.

So just kinda feel like I spent money on a product that inherently doesn't work.  Spoofed number calls where they constantly change the digits are all I, or anyone in my family gets and Malwarebytes or any other app has no way to block them.

I think I mainly wanted to point out that IOS is far from being as secure as Apple makes it out to be.  Much safer then Androiid and it's horrible marketplace though.  So what it comes down to is common sense and some knowledge about security.  Sadly the average person lacks the knowledge about security.

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