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Hi there, hope someone can help. I've scanned my android device with Malwarebytes and it detects nothing but Fsecure finds a virus in one of my APK's. The virus is flagged as Maldroid.B.Gen.

I wondered if this was a false flag or whether this is indeed a virus that is not in your database. I really need this APK for my device to run correctly as it is the launcher and would like to remove the virus from the APK.

I have attached a Zip of the APK in question.

Kind regards.


GT1 fix Light home(Andriod 6.0).zip

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Hi @Vocalizer,

I can't speak for FSecure, but I can say that it is definitely questionable.  There detection is a Generic detection, probably from a heuristics scanner.  It's not on Google Play, and there are things in the code that is kind of odd.   It's hard to say since I wasn't able to get this to run on any device myself.  I want to say it's probably clean, but if it were me I would personally use a different launcher, like Google Now Launcher.

What mobile device do you have?  Is this a system app?


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Thanks for taking a look Nathan. It's the launcher provided by the manufacturer "Beelink" and so is the update that caused the alert. I'll probably stick with it as I can see no reason for them to infect their own devices. Just wondered why Malwarebytes hadn't detected it. I'll just keep  close eye on things.


Kind regards


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