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Malwarebytes Support don't know how to refund me. PLEASE HELP


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I am sorry to bother you but i am actually stuck as even contacting the Malwarebytes support directly isn't resulting in a solution, and i would be very grateful if someone working at Malwarebytes or a moderator could look into my issue.

I will try to resume as much the situation as possible:

- I have ordered Malwarebytes on January 22 (2Checkout order 89904000)
- Facing many issues with the product, i have asked directly 2Checkout on their online portal for a refund on February 4 following the link on the original email (https://estore.malwarebytes.com/myaccount/).
- Seeing that it was marked as "Refunds: pending", i have contacted 2Checkout. They told me to contact Malwarebytes directly as the refund needed to be approved on their end.
- I have contacted the Malwarebytes Support and opened a ticket (support ticket 2530439) that very same day (February 4), asking for a refund.
- I have received an answer today from the Malwarebytes Support telling me that "I see that you have already been refunded for your subscription reference # 89904000 by 2checkot on February 4, 2019. Please allow 5-7 business days to fully process."

The problem is that i have not been refunded, and the Malwarebytes Support has obviously mistaken the date i asked for the refund for the actual refund.

I know that i have not been refunded because:

- My refund is still marked as "pending" on the online 2Checkout portal
- I paid by PayPal and it has not been refunded, and after contacting them they have confirmed me that no refund where issued for that order
- I have contacted 2Checkout again and they told me that my refund was still "pending" and that it needed to be validated on the seller end, that being Malwarebytes. They also told me that this was standard procedure, nothing out of the ordinary.

I am really sorry to bother you but I am 100% sure that if someone on the billing department of Malwarebytes really check this, they will easily see that the refund is pending and that they would be able to validate it and refund me.

Thank you so much in advance and i really hope to see my refund soon.

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