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Where is the Reports module for this product?

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I am an MSP and through my RMM product produce a monthly report for my clients that included any remediation done by Malwarebytes.

What I'm wondering is:  where is the Reports module in this new cloud-based offering?

How can I convey to my clients what is being done on their behalf (or to point out "problem children" among their staff)?

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Hi Kahml, it is the Dashboard. This area goes over threats found, cleaned, Top 10 infected endpoints, Top 10 malware found. The Real-Time Protection area shows all activity for each portion of the running real-time engines; web and file for mbam, exploit mitigation for mbae and and ransom behavior for mbarw.

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Reporting with a bit more detail did exist in MBMC, however MBMC's reports were not exportable either, only printable. In MBMC you could directly query the SQL if you ran SQL MGMT Studio and created your own queries. We happily provided the database schema for those that wanted to do this. MBMC was also able to have its SQL file accessed by Microsoft Excel to create pivot tables, but only if you were using a full SQL, as embedded SQL Express did not allow for remote connections.

We do know how important and useful reporting is for admins and we will be building out this feature more as time goes on. Since it is still being built, it's a good time to get your voice heard by adding some ideas here of how you'd like to see that feature take shape.

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