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MB 3.0 system tray and protection layer errors

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I'm still having occasional problems with Malwarebytes 3.0 at startup. I appreciate that you are aware of some of the issues and are working to resolve them, but my installation of Malwarebytes seemed to have been behaving pretty well, apart from the odd rogue report at startup that one of the real-time protection layers was off - and that generally seemed to resolve itself within a minute or two. I'm just posting the errors in case they help you resolve the issues for the next release.

On booting up this morning, I got a message that mbamtray.exe was unable to start correctly (see image). Eventually the tray icon appeared, but was followed by the message about one or more protection layers being turned off (see image). I attempted to turn on Web Protection from the message button, the tray icon and also within the program itself but without success. I closed Malwarebytes and started it again but was still unable to turn on Web Protection. On rebooting the PC, I got the message that Web Protection was turned again off but it quickly resolved itself and Malwarebytes reported that all was well.

Window 7 SP1 with all service packs up to date
Malwarebytes Premium
MSE with the 6 relevant Malwarebytes processes added to excluded processes and real time protection turned off
CryptoPrevent 8.0 Premium

I attach the zipped log folder and images of the errors.




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