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No idea what is going on


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So I had these problem for around a year. Ever two hours or so I get the message with the title of "Personification", the sub text is "This theme can't be applied to the desktop." and the text bellow that is "try clicking a different theme."I am not trying to apply a new theme or any thing so I have no idea what it is about. After I get that error in around 30 mins or so my pc freezes up for nearly 5 seconds and then it unfreezes like nothing happened.  What troubles me for around 2 months malwarebytes has been crashing as soon as it gets close to finishing a scan. No matter what I try to do malawarebytes always crashes.




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What kind of image d'you have on the desktop at the moment?

Assuming you have Windows 8.1 or 10, right click a blank part of the desktop and click Personalize. In the menu which opens, click the link to Desktop Background. This will take you to the folder where the current image is located.

If there isn't any other image at that location which you'd like to use for your desktop, click the Browse button at the top and then navigate to another location where you keep your pictures and then checkmark the one you want. In the Picture position underneath all the images on the left, choose Fill to have the image spread across the whole desktop.

If you don't want the picture to change every 30 minutes which is the default, remove the checkmark for the box where it says Shuffle.

Finally. click the Save Changes button.

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