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Purchased Anti Exploit but was given no license ID

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So I bought a combo pack of malware bytes anti-malware and anti-exploit two weeks ago and I have emailed both malware bytes support and Cleverbridge and checked out all the applicable guides all to no avail. Malware bytes have only sent me an automated email that did not help and when I replied they sent the exact same automated email which obviously got me no farther. My issue is that when I bought the combo pack I was sent an email with download links and activation keys (the keys where the same for both products) but there was no license ID included in the email. I was able to install and activate anti-malware but anti exploit will not activate without a license ID. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling using the clean tool and the control panel uninstaller. I have done a search on this forum but I have not had any luck finding an solution. I am also not sure if this is the right subsection for this, but I did not see a place for troubleshooting version let alone malware bytes since it appears they have updated to the brand new 3.0 version (which has left me a little irate because it includes exploit and literally came out sometime in the last two weeks.)

Cleverbridge has notified me that malware bytes deals with product support and they only process orders. So they have been of a little help in pointing me towards Malwarebytes who has thus far been completely unresponsive. Anyways enough of my partial rant. What can I do about this? Where or how can I get my license ID or perhaps activate anti exploit without the ID?

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