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Thor ransomware got me

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i goofed and clicked on something when i was not thinking clearly.

THOR scrambled most of my pc and files.  i have some old backups so bad but not total disaster.

MBAM real time missed it

Anti Exploit missed it

Norton missed it

Win Patrol missed it.

Anyway Not paying the ransom.  but what should i do now if anything to be able to start recovery.


is there anything else i need to look for to clean out now so it doesnt do a zombie and hit me again by using files it left behind.  

is there some way to stop scripts or javacrap from running automatically ?








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PS  something, presumably mbam, did keep putting up notices of blocked access to malicious websites.  not sure what thor was going to do by connecting externally.  apparently its scripts had done their evil deeds.  was it to save the keys it had used to scramble my files?  to import more scumware?  steal info to try to sell ??

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