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MByte Anti Exploit premium DOES NOT UPDATE


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I am running Anti-Exploit premium on my two very current Win10 PCs, and continually notice the software does NOT automatically update itself, and there is NO 'CHECK FOR CURRENT VERSION' options in the software.  When I spot from other sites that there is a new version available, I have to grope around your badly designed website that does NOT report what the current version might be, and download a new version - that I can then compare with my installed version to see if I'm current.  My PCs this morning are running ver and I've groped around and downloaded version that I'll install later today.  So:  1) make the promised auto updating (or at least auto - notifying) work.  2) give us a 'check to see if there are updates' button. 3. Put the version number right up front on the Anti-Exploit page, along with a note what has been changed.  4.  Give us some easy to understand advice on what the 'advanced' options might be in risk / benefit consideration. 

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Hello Flashlight,


1. Currently the automatic update for anti-exploit is not turned on. We will be turning on the automatic updates soon so that is why you are not seeing it update to the new version. 

2. I will bring this to our team for a feature request.

3. The release notes for the new build will be posted soon showing the new version and what has been changed.

4. The 'advanced options' have been configured by us to ensure you have the most protection without running into any issues with the software you are using. We do not recommend changing any of the settings unless it is something recommended by us. We constantly make changes to the protection layers and if they are disabled, they are disabled for a reason to help reduce the amount of false alerts you may get. 


In the mean time, if you would like the new version before we get the automatic updates rolled out, you can always find the latest version from this link:




We always update that link with the latest release build of Anti-exploit for home. You can just take the installer and install it over the top. 

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