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Hey, well.. I have a problem, it's been happening for a while actually.

Alright so about 2/3 months ago, i restored my Computer due to like installing a lot of things, and well.. i felt weird so i just restored, and i installed things i wanted, had no issues what so ever. lately.. i have no clue whats going on.. i've been feeling like.. somethings messing with my pc, but then its all in my head.. and like well i've actually became so sick, to a point where i dont even want to be on my pc because i dont even know what to do. alright so. lately ive been noticing, when my pc is inactive and im not using it, i always leave it open, and like sometimes ill leave like a application open or something, and like the Title bar for the application goes white for a while then it goes normal, or sometimes it doesnt even go normal at all.. but ive gotten so used to it it doesnt really bother me, what actually bothers me is when my mouse keeps loading like, it has a loading animation on the side, but it only does it at certain times, like.. the times ive been seeing it was, 6AM, 8AM, 11AM, 6PM, 8PM, 11PM it's so weird, i have no clue if it could be due to a program or what it could be. or maybe it's just because when i restored, also ive noticed that my disk tray opens but thats VERY VERY rare, and yes i do scan my pc, with hitman pro and zemana, no issues even scanned the programs i have cracked with zemana and hitman nothing pops up, im soon getting a antivirus mind like.. linking a good antivirus or some sort, thanks though.

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I've seen the disk tray thing before it's just a small bit of annoying code that opens your disk tray at set intervals like this


mse sounds like it will detect and delete it.


Have a look on virus total about zemana which i have never herd of and I'm always looking at security software and for new stuff to try.


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