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Hello Charlie, :welcome:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, could you please provide a link to the the installation file, or upload the Zac Browser installer in a password protected archive here so we are able to further review how this is being detected?


Thank you in advance,


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  • Staff

Hi Charlie,

We're getting errors thrown regarding .NET when trying to install. Downloaded the .NET version we were linked to in the error message details, relaunched the installer & still getting error messages. Installer hangs at "Extracting 155 from 155" and proceeds no further.
OS is Windows 7 32 bit which is I should add a Virtual machine.
Is there a specific .NET this application needs? If so, what version is needed?
So little information on the site available to the public...Do you have a list of machine specs needed?


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Hello Charlie,

We was still able to identify the file to be non-malicious, however you could still use the data that Blender provided above to troubleshoot and further development of the application.  The file will no longer be detected in v2016.09.29.03, sorry for any inconveniences and thank you in advance!


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Hey Charlie,

You're welcome!!  Yes, it did prompt to download/update .net, however we still had error's after updating.  This was without 'Real-Time' protection being enabled so that file was not being blocked or removed upon attempting to complete the installation...  Also, I did not register prior to attempting the installation, so it is possible that may have been what was causing the error's upon installation, however these were before the options page come up to register, or use an already registered email address...  

Hope this helps in troubleshooting the installation error's.


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