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New Trojan threat?

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Hello. I installed this Malwarebytes app on my Android phone and it detected an app as


and it locates to



Couldn't fine information about this Trojan no matter where i looked.

The app could not be removed. Is this some new dangerous trojan installed in my Rom in system apps? Or is it a part of the system and should be white listed? Android is 6.0.



I would appreciate any help.. Thank you very much.

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Hi, I'm having the same problem, would very much appreciate some help or tips regarding this. Will I need to root to get rid of it? It can't be removed by Malwarebytes right now. It seems to be very new; yesterday I found nothing, but today there are a couple of posts on google showing the same error.

I would appreciate some help please too! Thanks!


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Hi Phone, Fredpenguin, jimb,

Thanks for reporting this issue, we've made changes to the signature and you should not be seeing a detection for the time being. We will further investigate this potential threat, if you do see the detection come back then your copy likely is malicious.



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I have a Hafury Mix with android 7. It has been infected with the trojan "hiddad" that installed continuously the program "Chromes".
My solution:
Restore the mobile device to the factory state.
Uninstall the preinstalled applications from the factory. Without being root, I have uninstalled them with the ADB program. There are tutorials on the network.
Install an antivirus. I installed McFee.
Download applications from alternative locations to Play Store. I downloaded all of Uptodown.
Everything I have done has served me after many days in which the Trojan hiddad.dr was reinstalled in the program "Chromes" to be free of the virus or Trojan.
Now everything is going well.
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