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False positive detection Deluge


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Hi, I wasn't sure about whether to post this knowing where malwarebytes stands on torrent clients due to piracy issues. But I figure well functioning anti ransomware is more important than the issue surrounding such software. So here it is: Deluge 1.3.13 detected as malware.ransom.agent.generic presumably due to high disk activity by the program and not a ransomware attack.



Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip

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Hello cYf0X and :welcome:

Thank you for the perfect archive files.  Since you are aware of Malwarebytes' policy while resolving malware issues, in other sub-forums,  and their ongoing dangers, enough said.

Since the following pathname has been entered in MBARW GUI -> Exclusions, and the binary has been uploaded to the developers, please allow the entry to remain until you are requested to remove it:

              C:\Program Files (x86)\Deluge\deluge.exe

Reference: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/22A5480D0C2DE6154AA3C42B0807CA7268B4944FB559F68668D2F4A37456ACE9/analysis/ Unsigned

At any time, a MBARW development team member, QA team member or Staffer may request the above temporary exclusion be altered/deleted.

As many improvements and fixes have been included with the release of MBARW Beta7 v0.9.16.484, it is strongly recommended this upgrade be made to the system in question.

Reference: Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware BETA 7 Now Available

Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your valuable feedback.

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