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Malwarebytes lifetime support scam


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Hello. A client of mine has just been scammed.  They have charged my client £372 (that's 372 UK Pounds Sterling).  Obviously nothing at all to do with Malwarebytes but my question is - do Malwarebytes provide a lifetime support product, and if so, how can I check whether my client has been provided with said product or not.  Thanks.

PS. scammer resportedly originated from wetechconsultants.com

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Hello and Welcome.

Sorry to hear that your client has been scammed.  You are correct in that Malwarebytes does not provide lifetime support (at least not for that price), at least not for a fee.  Malwarebytes does provide support for its products however.

That being said, Malwarebytes lifetime license are no longer being sold.  They have moved to a subscription license. 

You need to work with your client and make sure there computer did not get infected or if that person claiming to provide support did not install a RAT or other malware to access the computer in question.  Also have him cancel that credit card (assuming that's what they used).

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 Hi, I am a computer user and has malware bytes installed in my computer. Yes it is possible to have a malware bytes for lifetime license. It is available on the malware bytes website as well. So if in case its a case with you that you have paid for the security and malware bytes is one of the protection suite, it is quite okay if they are providing the lifetime support. In person it is really helpful for me as I use computer day in and day out and being a machine anything can happen to the computer. For instance I have a software related issue in midnight or early morning and rather than waiting for any local shop to open and taking my computer to a local shop and leaving there, I will prefer calling the online support who is available 24*7 and get my issue fixed in front of me and for that if I have to pay that much amount that is quite okay for me or I guess for anyone. We guys are ready to pay convenience fee for online purchases, if we look at the same for the support of tech gadgets, what is the problem spending that much for the technical support, its like an investment. If you look at the price of any security per year and calculate it for lifetime, it will be much much cheaper that that. So have a positive way to look out the things, life will be much easier. Cheers... no offence to anyone, just my personal view of having a technical support as I am a regular computer user and not that tech savy.

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A client of mine was scammed by this outfit last week, they installed Malwarebytes v2.xx, not a trial but full version. The bank actually called and cancelled the credit card.

Email address in the text file is: Email: support@wetechconsultants.com

Maybe Malwarebytes can send them a threatening email and scare them off.

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