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False Positive? p.algovid.com on fresh win 7 ult64


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Again, on a fresh installation of Win7 Ultimate 64 I am receiving and many times (rate of 20x in 1 minute), malicious website notices for a media site, this time for The Hill.

The offending site p.algovid.com, IP number

As a side note, the Disqus forum on the Hill is dirty. The website behavior being partially dysfunctional and troublesome after I logon, not before.

I suspecting that the site algovid.com, or being played with, is a front for some government sanctioned activity. For the sake of completeness, while I was being attacked, two Orange County sheriffs were sitting in a car in the private parking lot below to observe my activities.

I have also noticed that maleware references to my posting and uploaded images were showing up in Google when performing search results for "phisical psience", then quickly removed (with in a day of appearing). Since my last series of comments, those in regards to algovid.com, no references or search results are appearing in Google related to maleware under "phisical psience" or "phisicalpsience".

Park McGraw


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