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  1. Zynthesist

    Still in blacklist

    Hello, This is not listed in hpHosts. VT takes time to sync. https://hosts-file.net/default.asp?s=get.cryptobrowser.site
  2. Zynthesist


    Block is being reviewed.
  3. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Remove www.caixa.gov.br

    Removed from hpHosts.
  4. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Remove www.caixa.gov.br

    Hello, Which "phishing list"?
  5. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Website in blacklist without a reason

    Block is being removed.
  6. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Website in blacklist without a reason

    I did not say it is a pyramid scheme, the article in the link I posted said this. Will update by COB today.
  7. Hello, This is NOT a false positive.
  8. Hello, Block is being removed.
  9. Zynthesist


    Can you please post your protection log.
  10. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED chemmet.ru

    Block is being removed.
  11. Block is no longer on *synology but now it is just on a specific subdomain.
  12. I am going to be making some edits to the block and you should no longer be effected on your end.
  13. Hello, Synology .me is blocked for Fraud.
  14. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Website in blacklist without a reason

    Hello, I see they refer to cryptobrowser as a pyramid scheme in the link below. https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/cryptobrowser-site-review-cryptotab-honeyminer-bitcoin-mining/

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