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  1. This has been removed from HpHosts. VT takes time to update.
  2. Hello, The block will be removed.
  3. Hello, Please have a look here for some details: https://www.virustotal.com/#/domain/www.rmccurdy.com
  4. After further review, this is not a false positive classification.
  5. Yes we do look into hpHosts reports here as well. Just wanted to be sure. This will be reviewed.
  6. Thank you for contacting us. The block will be reviewed.
  7. Hello, We are not blocking this domain. Are you referring to hpHosts?
  8. Please run an update or run a scan which checks for updates. If you still get a block after the update, close and re-open MBAM.
  9. Block has been reviewed and will be removed.
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