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  1. Zynthesist

    Hello, The block is for Trojan.Emotet, it appears the domain webstartsshoppingcart[.]com could be compromised. Even Google is stating "This site may be hacked.". I just re-checked and it is still leading to a malicious file.
  2. Zynthesist

    Block is being reviewed.
  3. Hello, The block is being reviewed.
  4. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Coinvention.io

    IP block is being removed.
  5. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Coinvention.io

    I have looked and we are not blocking the domain you referenced but I see the IP it is using is blocked for adware. I am going to do some checks and will update this post after.
  6. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED Coinvention.io

    Hello, Can you please post your protection log, which shows the details of the block you are reporting.
  7. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED pishing false positive

    Domain was blocked for phishing but appears to have been cleaned up so the block is being removed.
  8. Ok thanks. Block has been re-checked and is being removed.
  9. Hello, Are you an Admin for Salesnexus? It is blocked for a phishing sub-domain. Please have a look: rickelmendorfteambac.salesnexus.com/first/ac/home/customer_center/customer-IDPP00C858/
  10. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED SurveyGizmo FP

    You're welcome.
  11. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED SurveyGizmo FP

    Hello, Are you referring to VT showing them listed in hphosts? If so VT takes time to sync.
  12. Hello, The block has been reviewed and is being removed.
  13. Hello, We are not blocking *.alertsecaccess[.]com
  14. Hello, Block is being removed.
  15. Zynthesist

    ANSWERED MBAM blocking Zendesk as riskware

    I saw the SS but you mentioned Zendesk being blocked and this is a completely different domain. I am going to remove the block on *inbenta[.]com

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