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  1. The block has been removed.
  2. Checked. Block is being removed.
  3. Hello, Parent domain was being used for phishing sites. Block will be edited to hostname block.
  4. Hello, The block is being removed.
  5. Hello, Removed from hphosts.
  6. We have a block on the IP as it was being used by Dridex.
  7. Hello, Can you please post your protection log.
  8. Hello, This has been corrected. Please update your DB version.
  9. New DB version pushed out to resolve this issue.
  10. Hello, This block was removed.
  11. Thanks. Block is being removed.
  12. Checked and block is being removed.
  13. The block is being removed.
  14. Hello, This IP was used by Dridex/Upatre/Dyre malspam.