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  1. Hello, We are currently blocking the .top gLD due to it being heavily abused. You can add your site to your exclusions.
  2. Hello, The site was blocked for Phishing. I will recheck the links and update this post. Please also have a look here: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/detectornqr.ro
  3. Hello, Checked and block will be removed.
  4. Hello, Can you please post your protection log.
  5. Yes, we currently have a block on *.top due to the amount of malicious activity. You can add any site/IP you trust to your exclusions.
  6. What you can do is add the site you need to access to your exclusions.
  7. Hello, We currently have a block on *.loan for it being an abused gTLD.
  8. Hello, Can you please post your protection log.
  9. Hello, This is a F/P and it has been removed. Should take effect soon.
  10. Hello, The block is due to Malvertizing.
  11. I am going to remove the block. Should take place on next DB update.
  12. The IP was blocked for phishing. The links have been cleaned up so the block will be removed.
  13. Yes this was solved last week. Please ensure to update your DB.
  14. Hello, It was blocked for Phishing. Please have a look here: http://www.phishtank.com/phish_detail.php?phish_id=5034575 I am going to review this block and will update this post.
  15. The block was due to ransomware. The block will be removed as the link is no longer active at http://topoeval[.]ro/8y7gvt65v/ https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/3630a00cad6af6896ac8101b058f97e8009e0d20effd61a60aa3d7f393841e7c/analysis/