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  1. The IP listed is blocked for sending MalSpam.
  2. The block on admaster[.]com[.]cn has been removed.
  3. Hello, Thank you for contacting us. The block has been removed.
  4. We will continue to monitor the site.
  5. The IP you listed was blocked for distributing Locky Ransomware, it appears it has been cleaned up so the block will be removed.
  6. Hello, Are you the site admin or owner? If so, can you have a look at this please: files[.]gamebanana[.]com/tools/cod4_launcher_setup_6.rar Thanks.
  7. Hello, Block is being removed.
  8. We are still blocking *.bid at this time.
  9. Can you please post the protection log showing the block? All I see on the IP you listed is a bunch of tech support scam domains.
  10. Hello, The block was on *slupsk.pl, which will be removed on the next update.
  11. Hello, Can you please post your protection log, it gives us the details we need. Thanks.
  12. We are blocking the domain for potentially unwanted program.
  13. The block will be edited on next update to change this.
  14. We currently have a block on the .bid gTLD due to the amount of malicious activity on it. You can add any sites/IPs to your exclusions if you need to bypass the block.
  15. Hello, We currently have a block on the .bid gTLD.