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  1. massivemag.com //

    Hello, Domain block is being removed.
  2. Please remove dy-pro.com

    Hello, Block has been checked and will not be removed as the phishing threat is still live.
  3. Hosting Site

    Can you please ensure you are on the latest DB Version by running an update. If you still get the blocks after updating then can you please post your protection log. Thanks.
  4. Hosting Site

    Are you saying the domain you listed in blocked by Malwarebytes? Or the IP range you listed? Or are you reporting them as being malicious?
  5. meta-mim.in

    Block is being removed.
  6. smuggs.info

    Hello, Which list are you referring to? Can you please provide more details.
  7. Ok, we are looking into this block and will update this post when I have further details.
  8. MBAM is not blocking this domain, neither is it in hpHosts. You posted a link to VT (No live links please) but I am not sure what it is in reference to as it does not show it blacklisted by hpHosts.
  9. Please remove muenger.swiss

    Block is being removed.
  10. Please remove muenger.swiss

    Block is being checked.
  11. smtp.cahn.co.uk

    Hello, The IP block is being removed.
  12. http://www.versuri.ro/

    Hello, Thanks for the details. This is an IP block, which I am going to remove now. Change will take effect on next update.
  13. http://www.versuri.ro/

    Hello, Can you please post your protection log, which shows details about the block.
  14. Southerncoins.com being blocked

    Hello, Block is being removed.