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My MB licence will sadly expire soon, and I would like to buy another one. The problem I have is that Malwarebytes does not support payments like DineroMail/ PayU LATAM. I use this servicies because I live in latin america, and I don't have access to a credit card, and that's why my only way to buy original software is through a reseller. Sadly no reseller sells MB licences here in my country, except for G2A who supports sales to my country thanks to PayU LATAM. I would like to know if G2A MB keys are blacklisted or not, because they are my last resort in order to get a licence.

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Hello @Zahhar, 

It hard to tell if the key is blacklisted or not without knowing the license code, but here is the thing though your chance of getting blacklisted keys on G2A is 50%, while purchase directly from Malwarebytes is 0% chance of getting blacklisted key. The choice is your, however, if you are planning to purchase it from G2A make sure you purchase the G2A Shield, so if the key doesn't work you can refund it. 

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Hi, @Zahhar:

The advice above is generally correct, in principle: the safest place to buy an MBAM license is from the Malwarebytes online store.

However, none of us regular forum members is qualified to cite statistics of "50%" or other numbers or to speculate about the particular site you mentioned or to advised about any sort of guarantees/protection offered by that G2A site.

I have asked a Malwarebytes forum Admin to pass your question along to a member of the marketing team for a a definitive answer. 
Please wait for one of them to respond with "official" information.
Alternatively, you may wish to open a ticket with Customer Support here:
They can assist you with licensing issues.

Thank you for your support and interest,

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