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Just wanted to Thank Malwarebytes


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I literaly signed up just so i can write this. I downloaded a torrent file just because i did not wanted to give 3 dollars on a game. And guess what... Adwares and Malwares. To be honest ı download singleplayer games regularly and never got viruses untill a week ago. When i realised my pc was infected i immediately downloaded Adwcleaner and Malwarebytes to remove the virus, and i succeeded (well, i thought i succeded). Adwcleaner cleaned the adware and Malwarebytes found a trojan and deleted it and i returned my regular life. Unfortunately even the best cleaners can miss something. 3 days after infection/cleaning my pcs performance started to decrease, neither my antivirus(not gonna give the name) nor windows defender found any threats but i knew there was. Finaly today i realised i could not download anything from internet, i wanted to install malwarebytes again to scan my computer but i failed to open the program so i used chameleon and all of them failed as well. I was so close to completely wipe my hdd, ssd and install fresh windows as my last plan but again malwarebytes came to save the day. I finaly managed to open malwarebytes and it found 4 trojans inside system32 file. After 5 solid hours of suffering and constant research to find how to solve the problems and having to deal with a slow pc, malwarebytes made me smile again. I really wanted to thanks all supports who helped me and malwarebytes team for making an awesome product. Moral of the story, stay in school, don't text and drive and don't download unknown files from the internet  :D

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