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MAEB turned Off

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I just notice that if I turn off my protection it doesn't automatically come on after a certain period of time. Even after the policy check in. It seemed like before this version that it turned it self back on. I also noticed that in the management console i see under the system logs tab it says it was stopped, but under the client info tab it shows it still on.

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Thanks for the logs @scoutt.


I see this is a Windows 10 machine. We have a known bug under Windows 10 which we're still working on.


On this machine, please follow the steps outlined here:



But instead of using the download link shown in step 6, use the link I will send you in a Private Message for the corporate build.


Let me know how it goes.

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Thanks for the update. I have done what the article said to do and installed your file you sent me. The only problem I have is I did not have a MBAE to uninstall, just Malwarebyte's Managed Client. So I did uninstall that and the Management server hasn't see me since I uninstalled it. I did stop protection and so far, 45min later, it hasn't turned on, but I assume because the policy is not getting to me now.

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Ok, I got back to managed and I still get the same thing. Client shows stopped, management server sees the stop event but still shows on and it never turns back on. Why would the user even get the option of turning it off? Shouldn't it be password protection for admin users?

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Yes to both questions. The only difference between mine and a managed one, is I have Anti-Exploit installed as well plus the managed install. If it wasn't managed I couldn't see it on the server correct? And I do, I can see protection was turned off and the server still showing its still on.

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