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Future support for pre-SSE2 processors


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I expect that Malwarebytes will eventually cease producing software compatible with pre-SSE2 processors (e.g. AMD Athlon XP 3000+).  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is already at that point although Malwarebytes has provided a fix to enable users of older hardware to continue to use the latest MBAM version.  The fix must be manually applied at each software update.


However, whereas MBAM does not insist on updating at each new version (the option can be turned on or off in MBAM's Update Settings), Anti-Exploit effectively does so insist.  At the point where a SSE-only compatible version of MBAE is superseded by a version which will only execute on a SSE2 (or later) processor, this will make things messy for those with SSE-only processors.


Obviously, even though a SSE-only user would be unable to use a later MBAE SSE2 version, he/she would almost certainly wish to retain the use of the last SSE-only compatible version because it would continue to provide valuable protection, albeit of diminishing value.


Will existing SSE-only processor users of MBAE have to cease using it or will provision be made in the update mechanism so that such users will not be 'reminded' to update to a version that they cannot use? 

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I was instructed by the MBAM support team to download a number of runtime support files for MBAM and to copy them into the MBAM Program Files folder.

Those runtime support files which are pre-SSE2 compatible are called: -

I will try to find the link to the download.

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