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Hi, I'm a novice. I need security package to complement Malwarebytes


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From the morass of programmes that all claim to do beneficial things I would like to establish as simple a package of monitoring /repair/ prevention programmes that can be run together on my Windows 7 Laptop, in association with Malwarebytes. I am a pensioner and have limited resources and would prefer a set of security programmes that cost as little as possible, but in combination provide obviously, the best cover and not using up too much of my computers resources. An impossible dream. I hope not. I hope the suggestions you have may prove useful to many other less experienced computer users.

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Hello and :welcome: :

You ask a common question with no "right" answer. :)


As this board is owned and operated by Malwarebytes corporation, it's a general forum policy not to endorse any particular AV.
(Doing so would be unseemly and inappropriate.)
MBAM PREMIUM and MBAE PREMIUM are a fine place to start, but they do not replace an AV.

You will still need a robust AV.
As far as the AV, there is no one "best" option to suit every computer, user and budget.
There are many fine options, all of which should be fine alongside MBAM and MBAE.
Here are a few: List of well-known antivirus products
There are many other computer fora with in-depth, passionate discussions of the topic, and many older threads here at this forum, too.

As far as "free" antivirus products, you might find this post helpful/informative: http://www.bleepingc...s/#entry3781476
Having said that, no one security program can protect 100% of users from 100% of malware 100% of the time.
The most important security component is the computer part between the chair and keyboard. ;)

Here are a few links with helpful information:

The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware
So how did I get infected in the first place?
How did I get infected?
Answers to common security questions - Best Practices
List of well known antivirus products
Six tips to help you stay safer online


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I personally use a combination of Avast and MBAM Premium. 

You wouldn't need to buy either products for good protection but in order to get both pro packages would be absolutely recommended if you are rather serious about protection and don't mind spending money. You can get Malwarebytes for £19.95 and I got Avast for cheap. There are third-party sellers that do it really cheap, like £1.50 or near that figure. I'd suggest paying via PayPal for maximum security on purchases and I recommend using highly rated sellers.

The best anti-virus at the end of the day, is you. So if you feel that you are aware enough and don't require paid products, then don't, but I love the programs I use and they are super.

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Hi, @lewgreg93: :)


As this board is owned and operated by Malwarebytes corporation, it's a general forum policy not to endorse any particular AV.
(Doing so would be unseemly and inappropriate.)

As explained in my first reply here, there are many good choices for anti-virus protection.


Moreover, we do not recommend that forum members purchase software licenses from 3rd-party sites, as the low prices often turn out to be "too good to be true".

The safest place to purchase a software license is from the publisher's own web site/portal, or (in some cases) from an authorized reseller.

This is true for Malwarebytes software and for any other licensed software.


Thanks for your understanding,


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Thanks for your understanding.


Yes, each computer user must evaluate the many available options best suited to his/her computer, computing practices and expertise and budget.


Thanks again,


P.S. The links I provided are not "reviews". They are to informational resources and sites, some of which include information about how to interpret the various "AV comparatives" and other claims. ;)

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