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I have MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Mobile app installed on my android OS cell phone.

I have it setup for a daily scan.

Today it registered a threat for the first time (have had the program/app installed for months).

I have attached a screen shot of the notification and also the scan history. 

You will see that the previous (to the last scan) was performed just about 6 hours earlier and nothing was detected, then 4 apps were updated and reinstalled (automatic updates as the apps have been installed on the phone previously), then at the next scan, the threat was detected.

When I tried to delete the detected file, I was told it could not be uninstalled.

So, my questions are:

1. Is this indeed something I need to be concerned about/address/delete?

2. If so, considering the MWB program has not allowed me to delete it- can you offer any advice on what I should do?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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Full title: Android/PUP.Adware.Uapush.a?

HTC one M7 user here, Android Malwarebytes picks this up, but I can find no information of this malware on any search engine. Help Please.


Also, *can't edit my posts for some reason*, whenever I attempt to unistall it says, "Push Client Unistall Unsuccessful"

I also get this malware detect.

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Thanks for reporting this, we will look into the detection. This detection was put in place for some aggressive advertising Have you experienced any abnormal ads since you've had the phone, not related to third party app installs?





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No, I personally haven't experienced any agressive or abnormal advertising since the detection. I hadn't installed any new programs for a long time, and only last night after rounds of earlier scheduled scans coming up with nothing, had this detection popped up. No strange websites visited, nothing out of routine of gmail and news from reputable sources.

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HTC One M7 user here, same issue as the other guys have said and I've also noticed that I'm having to keep re-sending my texts again today and that my keyboard is lagging when I'm typing. Anyone having any of these problems? My signal has been fine during these periods.

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