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[SOLVED] Google Chrome stalling with MBAE


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I have xp with Webroot Anitvirus and Malwarebytes running.  I have tried to install MBAE a few times and I have the same issue each time.  I am unable to use Google Chrome.  Google Chrome opens and then freezes and after a few minutes I am asked if I want to "wait" or close down google chrome.  I was unable to find a similar problem in the forum so any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks.  

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I am running the newest versions of each WSA and MBAE free(just dowloaded).  


Here's what I did:

I shut down all protection in WSA but kept it running .  Chrome would not work.  

Re-started computer.  Chrome would not work.  Re-enabled WSA.  Chrome would not work.

Then I shutdown Malwarebytes Premium (newest version) and Google Chrome works with WSA!

So maybe the issue is a conflict with all 3 running at the same time?

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In case it helps I had these products running fine together for some time on W8.1 x64.

Webroot WSA

MBAM premium (with realtime enabled)


Chrome 32 & 64bit


Make sure that the MBAE components are not showing as monitored (if so change to allowed) in WSA (click cog in PC Security menu).  The latest version of MBAE usually takes a week or so before it is whitelisted by Webroot.

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