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  1. Just to show...screenshot attached
  2. UK site only still blocked for me, there is another thread about this in the Website Clocking forum here.
  3. Its blocking amazon.co.uk for me as well, amazon.com is OK though
  4. Oops, don't know how I missed that post. Did try the suggestions but no luck. Also don't see how Avira or MBAM can be blocking it and if so how to fix it
  5. I have found that a fresh install of 1.09 (no MBAE installed before) does not create the necessary autorun entry. On a reboot the service starts OK but there is no icon or flyout. Installing as an upgrade 1.08 is fine as well. Uninstalling 1.08 first and then installing 1.09 is also OK but hat is because the MBAE uninstaller never removes the autorun entry anyway. Running 64bit W10 with Avira free and MBAM.
  6. Seeing this as well (for the last few days) with a scheduled scan. If it helps this earlier thread seems to also cover the same issue https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170098-mbam-2181057-premium-launching-ui-at-first-scan-of-the-day/
  7. This has been reported several times before here and solved with setting an option in Trusteer. E.G. see this post https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/167926-solved-trusteer-rapport-blocking-mbae-was-mbae-crashing-chrome/#entry958985
  8. Odd, in case it helps I am running MBAE with Chrome x64, MBAM & Avira on W8.1 and have not seen any crashes.
  9. In case it helps I had these products running fine together for some time on W8.1 x64. Webroot WSA MBAM premium (with realtime enabled) MBAE Chrome 32 & 64bit Make sure that the MBAE components are not showing as monitored (if so change to allowed) in WSA (click cog in PC Security menu). The latest version of MBAE usually takes a week or so before it is whitelisted by Webroot.
  10. Bit of confusion, I was not the original poster in that thread. I had this separate issue in this thread that was also with Chrome 64-bit so just wanted to be clear that is in the stable channel now. Thanks
  11. pbust, you just posted in this, now locked, thread that Chrome 64-bit was still in beta. It actually went in to the stable channel (as an optional install) in August with Chrome 37 so any issues are important. https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/161952-solved-64bit-chrome-will-run-for-a-few-minutes-and-then-crashes/?p=918047
  12. Done a bit of testing with the settings in the Trusteer Rapport console. If I change the following setting from the default "always" to "never" then the Chrome starts fine. Hopefully there is a way that MBAE can be whitelisted. Block Browser Process Alteration: Trusteer Endpoint Protection blocks attempts to alter the browser's process. Altering the browser's process (AKA function patching) is a technique that allows taking over the browser and getting access to your sensitive information. This technique is used by malware but also by some legitimate software. Trusteer Endpoint Protection analyzes each process alteration attempts and blocks those that look suspicious.
  13. As you probably expected, still not working, same symptoms.
  14. Continuing a problem seen with the experimental build, 64-bit Chrome won't start with if Trusteer Rapport is also installed (see https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/160672-chrome-crash-with-trusteer-rapport-mbae-10531010/#entry914492). Get a message "Chrome has stopped working" on startup but if either is disabled then Chrome starts OK. Windows 8.1 x64 Chrome 39 64-bit Webroot SecureAnywhere MBAM premium Trusteer Rapport 3.5.1404.24 MBAE final
  15. Thanks. Just tested this final build and am still getting a problem with Chrome 64-bit. Instead of "Chrome crashed.." error, I now see a "Chrome stopped working.." error on startup. As per the Known Issues I stopped TR to install MBAE. I will do some more testing then if still a problem will post (with logs) in the release support forum.
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