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Points to Ponder (part 3)

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Bad week, and its only Tuesday...

  • Why do they report power outages on TV ?
  • Why is there braille on the drive thru bank tellers ?
  • Why are builders afraid to have a 13th floor but book publishers aren't afraid to have a Chapter 11 ?
  • Why do people drive on parkways and park on driveways ?
  • Why do we call it "rush hour" when everybody is sitting still ?
  • What did 6-Up taste like ?
  • How can you tell when cottage cheese goes bad ?
  • The oldest known goldfish lived to 41 years of age. Its name was Fred.
  • There is a town in Newfoundland, Canada called Dildo.
  • Kotex was first manufactured as bandages, during WWI.
  • Einstein couldn't speak fluently when he was nine. His parents thought he might be retarded.
  • In 1983, a Japanese artist made a copy of the Mona Lisa completely out of toast.
  • In 1984, a Canadian farmer began renting ad space on his cows.
  • An average person laughs about 15 times a day.
  • The average person is about a quarter of an inch taller at night.
  • The condom - made originally of linen - was invented in the early 1500s.
  • The first-known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C.
  • America's first nudist organization was founded in 1929, by 3 men.
  • A Saudi Arabian woman can get a divorce if her husband doesn't give her coffee.
  • The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.
  • The average bank teller loses about $250 every year.
  • Every person has a unique tongue print.
  • Women's hearts beat faster than men's.
  • Only 55% of all Americans know that the sun is a star.
  • Most American car horns honk in the key of F.
  • Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.
  • Most lipstick contains fish scales.
  • Hypnotism is banned by public schools in San Diego.
  • The three best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley.
  • Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.
  • The tones that a NBC TV station plays at the top of the hour are the musical notes G-E-C (for its original owner, General Electric Company)


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