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I have been unable to use or install Malwarebytes & I paid for the premium Malwarebytes

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I purchased a one year subscription to the Premium Malwarebytes program roughly six months ago.  And I was using it regularly for quite a while.  But several months ago something changed and I have been unable to get it to work.   I finally ended up uninstalling Malwarebytes in an effort to try to solve the problem.  I thought that if I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it - using the License Keys which I wrote down and saved - I could solve the problem.   But every time I have tried - for months now - to find a website where I can log-in and use my license keys I have been unable to do so.  I always get referred to sites which want me to BUY a subscription to this service which I ALREADY paid for.


And whenever I try to install any version of Malwarebytes, be it the free version or the premium version, I get the following error message:


Internal error: Expression error' Runtime Error (at 79:177): 


External exception E06D7363


And even if I do get Malwarebytes downloaded (after closing a LOT of these error messages) I can NOT get Malwarebytes to run on my computer.  Something is preventing me from doing so.   I do have Norton Anti-Virus 360 installed on my computer and it never had a problem with Malwarebytes being on my computer in the past but now it appears as if it does.


Any advice on how I can actually get what I paid for, i.e., my subscription to the Malwarebytes Premium service?  

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Hello kellyg754 and :welcome:


Please follow the instructions within the pinned topic Internal error: Expression error 'Runtime Error' / External exception E06D7363 and let us know, in a reply to this topic, if your issue has been resolved.


Thank you.


YES - that did indeed fix the problem I was having.  Thank you very much for taking the time to point this out to me.  I appreciate your help on this.  I only wish I had known about this site several months ago as I have been unable to access my Malwarebytes Premium subscription for at least the last two months.


Oh and I also was able to plug in my Licence Keys and activate my subscription again.  So thanks again VERY much.

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