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Adware.InstallBrain vs PUP.InstallBrain

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Ok, So I am a little confused here.


This week I discovered on my machine via MalwareBytes that I had an Application called "BestCodecsPackSetup.exe" in my C:\%USER%\Downloads Folder. My AVG had not discovered it during a Full Scan done just before but MalwareBytes did report it and stated it was "Adware.InstallBrain."


Now I went off to do some additional reading to find out how much damage had been done...and this is where the confusion is. MalwareBytes has both "PUP.InstallBrain" and "Adware.InstallBrain" as possible alerts (as far as I can see, there seems to be no place were these Definitions are held for me to view the difference or indeed to understand what "Adware.InstallBrain" means.)


Having a look online has not helped. Some sites says its likely it was just a browserhyjacker and/or a advertisement generator. Similar named files seem to belong to a company called "Performersoft" who are know for making such PUP software, especially "PC Performers" which slow the computer down and try to get you to pay for them to speed up.


However others say it could have stolen private information...they seems to be real confusion (made worse by companies probably scaing me to use their (possible less than white) uninstall software.


Also different posts say the file is different variants of InstallBrain and of course different anti virus software's give different suggestions of the possible damage of that variant.




Is there a different between PUP.InstallBrain and Adware.InstallBrain...if so what is it and what is likely the damage?


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Is there a different between PUP.InstallBrain and Adware.InstallBrain...if so what is it and what is likely the damage?


Hi Phil0001


Yes the difference is back in July we widened our criteria for PUP listing.




Adware type softwares with a EULA we once detected as Adware that pre date that change.


Where as new detections have the PUP.Optional vendor name if a EULA came with the software.


To be honest a lot of sites will overplay or mislead in their description of what something is or does to further their own needs etc


If InstallBrain was malicious then we would detect it as such but it is not malicious or perform any illegal activity which would allow us to detect it as malware.


I hope this puts your mind at rest.

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