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  1. But it is unlikely to have become more malicious in newer versions?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the speedy feedback So, PUP.InstallBrain and Adware.InstallBrain are the same but as it has an End User Licensing Agreement within it it changed from Adware to PUP last July, is that correct?
  3. Ok, So I am a little confused here. This week I discovered on my machine via MalwareBytes that I had an Application called "BestCodecsPackSetup.exe" in my C:\%USER%\Downloads Folder. My AVG had not discovered it during a Full Scan done just before but MalwareBytes did report it and stated it was "Adware.InstallBrain." Now I went off to do some additional reading to find out how much damage had been done...and this is where the confusion is. MalwareBytes has both "PUP.InstallBrain" and "Adware.InstallBrain" as possible alerts (as far as I can see, there seems to be no place were these Defin
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