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Anti-Rootkit log

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i install malwarebytes anti-rookit and the first thing that pop up was that it found some thing in my registry if i wanted to remove it of course i hit yes..

but now i wanna read the log of what it deleted and cant find it. i can see all the logs of that day but cant find one that says it remove or deleted or quarantine this file.dll 


any help.. like i said i got this pop up when i was installing the antirootkit

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Hi supersteve.

The .dll file itself is not removed, but the registry reference is. The message you receive when MBAR sees this type of registry value says to click No if you are unsure.



Do you happen to have any previous scan logs from diagnostic tools like DDS, OTL or FRST? They would show what .dll was being referred to in that value.


MS themself say developers should not use this value any longer.



We do not recommend that applications use this feature or rely on this feature. There are other techniques that can be used to achieve similar results.

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