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Real-Time Cloud Scanning?

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Why is it necessary for MBAM Mobile to connect to subdomains of compute-1.amazonaws.com, the subdomains typically variants of the likes of ec2-54-255-188-158 on port 443?

This occurs every few seconds while activly using my Nexus 7 FHD on google services and other Apps like IMDB, Crackle, Newegg etc. etc. and not just surfing the Web in a browser.

I thought Mobile was to scan downloading Apps upon evoking an Install from the Play Store or other stores; this intense active during the usual Android networking is unexpected.

If it's not some kind of neat-o secret, could you explain why Mobile is so intensely active?  It's as if there's full-time real-time cloud enabled scanning of some sort going on.  Hmmmm?

It goes without saying, being a Malwarebytes app this is more about curiosity than any concern of irregular or unwanted behavior.  Inquring Geeks want to know.   ;)


FYI settings: auto updates enabled, hourly, "Help Us" disabled.

Vesion  Whew!


Thank you!

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Hi dallas7!


During our testing prior to launch, we have been using a third-party service HockeyApp to post new builds and collect crash reports from Android devices. We forgot to turn off this service when we posted our final build into the Google Play store.  Right now, we are expecting to have another release in the next couple of weeks and we will turn off this service in this build.  Sorry for the confusion.

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Thank you for the continued development of MBAM-M.  


I have been since the update to observing its connectivity and find the activity to Amazon to be considerably more aggressive than the previous version.

While they're all (so far) on port 443, I am uneasy with the port 80 connections to Edgecast, CSC and Limelight/GoDaddy.

I know I'm running a stock-Android Google slab which is, for the lack of a better term, wide open and for all practical intents connected to "everything all the time."  But I can't help but be uncomfortable with similar behavior from  a security App, free or otherwise.  

To be fair, I have the same concerns with Bitdefender Mobile Sec & AV and its connections to Amazon also as well as Edgecast, Softlayer, and 1e100 - even though exclusivley port 443. 


(BTW, MBAM-M has been running quite well with BD-MS&AV.)

Which of the connections are absolutely necessary for MBAM-M's security/protection service(s) and database downloads?  

And with no interest to interfer with development (and revenue) what might be the consequences, if any, of blocking those that are not?


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