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  1. Same problem here. In-app update from Premium about 10 hours ago. Windows 7 HP SP1 x64. Everything was OK at first. I was surfing Windows images for wallpaper of Phoebe Tonkin when I blocked a malicious site alert. And according to the log 2014.10.14.1 to 2014.10.14.2 came in 12 minutes after that. Now Under Detection and Protection, Malicious Website Protection keeps itself at Disabled and moves itself back to it if you set to Enabled. I rebooted to no change. Reactivated license, no change. Considering bobmitch's exerience with a fresh OS and MBAM install, I'll forego the fix-it-all mbam-clean solution. Hope you guys can get it squared away. Attached is the log and a screenshot. FYI: MBAM folders in Program Files (x86) and Program Data are in Ad-Aware Pro exclusions. Disabling Ad-Aware realtime protection has no effect on the MBAM issue. MBAMlog.txt
  2. Not wanting to wait any further for the internal update to appear, I installed 2.0.2 over 2.0.1 on 5/26. Even after a couple of reboots, I report here that the malware exclusions bloat is still occurring.
  3. I understood that. "...these (know issues) have not been addressed in the actual release" is just one customer's way of expressing the same concept.
  4. Thanks for the fast reply! I was wondering why you cited RC1 known issues but now I realize these have not been addressed in the actual release. How reassuring it is to know it's only cosmetic. The workaround failed for me; it didn't take too long for the few I had re-created to spawn the unwanted step-children. But at least now I've jumped through the mabam-clean hoop which I should have done in the first place. Cheers!
  5. MBAM 2.0 Premium - Win7x64 In 1.75 Pro I had twelve exclusions. I installed 2.0 Premium and a while later I checked the exclusion and found there were 36, three each of my original exclusions. I cleared those out and manually re-enter the twelve. I have observed these replicataing until now there are 120 items in there, ten each of the original twelve. Along with the other issues I've posted up here and reading of the others, I believe that installing 2.0 over 1.75 was a big mistake. I'm going to try the mbam-clean "solution" and if that doesn't whip 2.0 into acceptable behavior I'm reverting to 1.75. Or after almost five years, no MBAM at all. I've grown weary of dealing with this new version.
  6. @Galt & exile Thanks for your personal attention. But I failed to post up in #1 as I did in my Windows Photo Viewer won't launch & Workaround topic: "No troubleshooting efforts are solicited...nor can I engage in any at this point in time." Running the original installer from a LUA, or having multiple user accounts logging in, at least one if which is not an administrator account. Neither of these apply to you, do they? They do not. I'm not even sure if those instructions relate to my OP or the "double icon" thing some one thoughtfully posted up in this topic. Don't take it personally. I recently retired from 20+ years of enterprise systems and IT support and admin. I've been troubleshooting PCs since DOS 2.0 and I just don't have the enregy for it anymore. These days I use my systems for pleasure and personal commerce and finance and I have no patience with commercial software that gets in my way regardless of price or SLA. Even posting up here is a PITA; either something works well or I trash it and even eat the cost if I have to. I've run into yet another issue I've posted up as MBAM Exclusions crazy replication where I also explain my next strategy for v2.0. Thanks again.
  7. No Malwarbytes item in Logon Autoruns found on my system. A registry search returned no keys or values associating MBAM or Malwarebytes with logon. What precisely is the regisrty entry you refer to so I can check again? Thank you.
  8. @Galt Disabling Malware protection = uncheck "Malware Protection" in the tray icon menu. @everyone else not experiencing the issue I posted up in case any others observing the same behavior and searching this forum (and eventually google, etc.) might find a workaround. Cheers.
  9. MBAM Premium v2 - Win7x64 I have maintained the default Windows Photo Viewer to open and display image files (jpg, etc.) when selected from within Explorer. Ever since MBAM v2.0, selecting an image file (double-clicking or left-click > Preview) results in a busy (spinning) mouse pointer until the Explorer window is closed. Disabling Malware Protection allows the file to Preview in Windows Photo Viewer. Re-enabling Malware Protection returns the behavior described in the previous paragraph. Adding PhotoViewer.dll to Malware Exclusions resolves the issue. This is posted up as a report on observed problematic behavior and an interim workaround. No troubleshooting efforts are solicited thereby nor can I engage in any at this point in time. Thank you.
  10. MBAM 2 Premium in Win7x64 In Advanced Settings, I have all Advanced Options unchecked. Yet when I start Windows (power-on or restart) I get a warning from MBAM that I need to fix protection. I fix it and MABAM is started. How is it a disabled "Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with Windows" means "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware starts with Windows"?
  11. Not having used or followed the v2.0 beta/RC process, I've read here that the update notifications isn't working and will be fixed eventually. But I'm not wild about the 3-15 seconds range. I'd like to propose an option returning to the previous behavior in which the notification persists until the user closes it manually or have it fade away upon workstation activity as it did in the previous version. I often step away from the PC for a lengthy period and it's reassuring upon return to see that updates have occurred as well as seeing it working while I'm working. Thank you!
  12. Yep. Disabling self-protection let me rename the desktop shortcut and move the Start menu folder to another location. And I re-enabled it 'cause it works! Cheers.
  13. I noticed the same thing - self-protection protects everything MBAM (which is good) even to the point of not being able to rename the shortcut or moving or renaming the Start menu item. Turning off the self-protection returned control of those items to me, without reboot, unlike for this user wherein the issue persisted, even after a reboot. Possibly because I don't use UAC at all and my account is an Admin?? Good luck.
  14. On one Win7x64 system I run under an Admin account, I have v2.0 Premium configured as "Enable self-protection module." I cannot rename or remove the MBAM Destop shortcut nor can I move/edit/move the MBAM Startup Menu item. I wonder if that's what he's referring to? I haven't noticed any permissions anomolies otherwise. Yet. I just did the upgrade today. I haven't tried yet to disable that module.
  15. Thank you for the continued development of MBAM-M. I have been since the update to observing its connectivity and find the activity to Amazon to be considerably more aggressive than the previous version. While they're all (so far) on port 443, I am uneasy with the port 80 connections to Edgecast, CSC and Limelight/GoDaddy. I know I'm running a stock-Android Google slab which is, for the lack of a better term, wide open and for all practical intents connected to "everything all the time." But I can't help but be uncomfortable with similar behavior from a security App, free or otherwise. To be fair, I have the same concerns with Bitdefender Mobile Sec & AV and its connections to Amazon also as well as Edgecast, Softlayer, and 1e100 - even though exclusivley port 443. (BTW, MBAM-M has been running quite well with BD-MS&AV.) Which of the connections are absolutely necessary for MBAM-M's security/protection service(s) and database downloads? And with no interest to interfer with development (and revenue) what might be the consequences, if any, of blocking those that are not? Cheers.
  16. Well, as I mentioned in another thread a while back, there is no where on the Web site or even in the datasheet pdf where it is mentioned Mobile can or should be run alongside an anti-virus app - the most visible and extoled of feature set bullet points in the marketing of the Windows product. The description for Mobile reads like any one of dozens of other, um, anti-virus products. Tho we know it's far more than that.
  17. Why is it necessary for MBAM Mobile to connect to subdomains of compute-1.amazonaws.com, the subdomains typically variants of the likes of ec2-54-255-188-158 on port 443? This occurs every few seconds while activly using my Nexus 7 FHD on google services and other Apps like IMDB, Crackle, Newegg etc. etc. and not just surfing the Web in a browser. I thought Mobile was to scan downloading Apps upon evoking an Install from the Play Store or other stores; this intense active during the usual Android networking is unexpected. If it's not some kind of neat-o secret, could you explain why Mobile is so intensely active? It's as if there's full-time real-time cloud enabled scanning of some sort going on. Hmmmm? It goes without saying, being a Malwarebytes app this is more about curiosity than any concern of irregular or unwanted behavior. Inquring Geeks want to know. FYI settings: auto updates enabled, hourly, "Help Us" disabled. Vesion Whew! Thank you!
  18. Hi Nan. Good to learn that straight from a support person. I'm running Bitdefender Free on my non-rooted Nexus 7 2013, Android 4.3. ConradTDI had the same concern I did as there seems to be absolutely no mention of "not intended to replace your existing antivirus...because you need that" on the Web page, blog or Press Center. Perhaps you could ring up your Web Masters and ask them to make mention of it. Anyhow, Nesivos's post is encouraging so I'm going to give it a try. And ditto: Thanks MB for another great product.
  19. Source: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=115627 Can we consider the concepts of the three settings options explained therein to remain valid in v1.75 as well in light of the strategy as discussed in post #1 above? For Pro (which I run on two systems) and Free? Thank you!
  20. In viewing the screenshots at Softpedia, under the Shields tab how is the third-party listing populated? System scan at install? Anti-Exploit hard coded defaults? Is a user permitted to add a process or an exe path? How are exclusions added? Entering a path to an exe or selecting from a list of running processes? Would MBAE protect, say, Google Chrome installed on another partition? That is, not in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)? How about Firefox installed by Haller's Portableapps in, say, C:\Portables or run off a USB stick? I can't see the whole list in that screenshot, but assuming Silverlight's not there, would it be auto-added when installed? Can you provide a link to a Help page or post up a chm file for download? Thank you!
  21. It would seem so. That's how I was running PRO when I started getting alerts. I kept hitting Quarantine (11 times) until I noticed they were all system files and all the same threat. I disabled "Start protection with Windows", closed MBAM and rebooted to find all those 11 files rightly where they are supposed to be. I restarted MBAM and Protection and all seems to be OK with the latest update. QUESTION FOR AVAST STAFF: I still have those 11 files listed under the Quarantine tab. Can I "Delete All" without causing any problems?? Thank you.
  22. Source: -http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?s=&showtopic=67525&view=findpost&p=344348- "The default settings are as follows: PUP: Show in results list and do not check for removal PUM: Show in results list and check for removal P2P: Do not show in results list If running the PRO version, any item where Show in results list and check for removal is selected, it will also be detected by the protection module upon execution while items with either of the two remaining options will not." (Underline mine.) Is this still valid in Pro 1.65? Thank you.
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