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  1. Hi Grant_Beehler. For assistance with this, please contact our support team here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/business/
  2. Hi. To confirm, has the main Management Server been updated, and you are receiving this upgrade prompt from a remote management console? If so, the signature error is normal. To confirm you are getting a proper console upgrade, use the following link: https://<your-mbmc-server-address>/active/client/publish.htm You may receive a warning about the website's security certificate; Click Continue to this website, then click Download You can then upgrade the remote console. If this is not the case, please let me know so we can investigate further.
  3. Hi vs2015sv. Are these new 20 clients using the same policy as the previous clients already deployed? Could you provide a screenshot of the Protection tab in the policy these clients were created from?
  4. Hi, Can you please PM me your case number so we can continue working on this issue?
  5. Hi, For this issue, we'll need to take a look at the logs to see what happens when the issue occurs. To create a ticket, please go here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/business/ Please reference this post in your ticket as well.
  6. Hi, For this issue we recommend seeking help directly from our customer success team: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/business/ Please fill out the form and one one of our support agents will reply by email shortly.
  7. It is safe to allow Malwarebytes to do it's job, however if you wish to stop the behavior at it's source there is one possible way to find the client. If you were to stop the website blocking on the DNS server, and the block occurs again, you would see which client it appears on, if indeed it was a client with Malwarebytes installed. Of course, this does temporarily lower the protection of the DNS server, so this is not advisable.
  8. You're welcome. I'm not 100% sure if it could be due to a computer without Malwarebytes installed as I have not tested that case, but it seems theoretically possible. But unfortunately there is not a way to see which client is the culprit in the console, since Malwarebytes stops it before it even gets to the client.
  9. Hi jmcleod83. It's likely a client PC using this server as a DNS server is trying to access a site we block. Since Anti-Malware is installed on the DNS server, the block occurs there and not on the client PC and is attributed to DNS.exe.
  10. Hi Nascar2496. Could you try changing the scaling settings on the Surface? You can access this by Right-clicking on the Desktop > Display settings. There should be an option to change the size of text, apps and other items. Set this to 100%, then either logout of or reboot the Surface. Now log back in and check to see if the issue persists.
  11. Hi, There is not currently an official way to remove these files remotely, I apologize. If the same files are repeatedly being quarantined, that means something is putting these files back, and subsequent scans are finding them again. You will want to address the root issue of finding out why these keep coming back. For assistance with this, I would recommend creating a support ticket. A support agent will be able to assist you in finding out the root cause. You can submit a ticket here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/business/
  12. Hi cptjck28, To delete quarantined items, this must be done from the clients themselves. You cannot currently delete quarantined items from the Management Console. However, please be aware that quarantined items are no longer a threat and do not need to be deleted. To delete these items, open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on the client itself, and go to the Quarantine tab. Here you can delete the items. Please let me know if this helps.
  13. Hi, Adding AD OUs on the client pane is simply for organization. If you were to remove the OUs, the clients would just move to the "Ungrouped clients" group, and you could then manually move them to groups you create (as well as remove offline clients.) There won't be a need for redeployment.
  14. Hi rrussom, Please go ahead and contact our support team for further assistance: https://www.malwarebytes.org/support/business/
  15. Hi alowishu5, Once you have imported your OUs, the clients will attempt to go to their proper OU only. They cannot be moved from an OU to a user-created folder. If you wish to use custom groups, you will need to remove the AD OUs from the Client Pane. Please let me know if this helps, or if you have any questions.
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